Hola Chicas,

As promised, I’m elaborating a bit on my night time pineapple routine. I don’t do this every night. Other nights I just sleep with it out, sweeping my hair (on the side I’m laying on) over the top of my satin pillow so that I don’t smoosh the curls. I like this ‘out’ routine as well, as it usually results in shrinkier, poofier results. I guess it just depends on my mood.

On nights that I decide to pineapple:

  • I search for thirty minutes to find my one and only black satin scrunchy. I like scrunchies because they don’t leave indentations in the hair.

  • I then bend over at the waist, and loosely gather my hair at the crown of my head. I pull my hair through twice to make it secure, but not tight.

  • Then it’s off to bed– tossing and turning for several hours until the baby stops kicking long enough to let me fall asleep. I don’t use a scarf… I just sleep on my satin pillow case.
  • The next morning, I take it down and shake vigorously. My hair, like many divas in the 4a/3c category, has to be coaxed back down…. it would be perfectly happy standing up in a Don King-esque style. So, I use the same scrunchy to gather it all at my nape while I workout, eat breakfast, shower, and dress for the day. Before I head out the door, I shake it out and it’s usually just the way I like it 🙂 **This last step helps for when I’ve slept with my hair out too.

The key to the pineapple routine is to keep the scrunchy loose. A too tight scrunchy could lead to flat, stretched out, sad looking curls. Trust me.

Do you pineapple? What’s your bed time routine?

1. Is it wrong to eat a donut while on the treadmill? ‘Cause that’s what just happened…

2. I’ll be announcing a Karens Body Beautiful Giveaway in the next 24 hours… stay tuned 🙂