Meet ShamiGreen… a current transitioner who has made it through her first 29 weeks with a simple, yet powerful mantra!

Hey Curly Girls!

My story is simple. After relaxing my hair for nearly 15 years, I just woke up one day and decided…no more! It seems strange not to know who you really are, but it feels like I’m getting to know myself (the curly me) for the first time. The concept of “going natural” is a bit overwhelming to me, so I just take it one week at a time (I speak my reflection “I’m not gonna perm my hair this week”)… somehow this mantra has gotten me to 29 weeks without a relaxer! Although I complain about broken combs & nightmarish detangling sessions, most of the people in my life have been über supportive of my decision.

My curl pattern appears to be a 3C around the perimeter of my scalp & a 4 something (LOL) in the crown. I have a bunch of relaxed ends, so I typically rock a roller set to get uniform curls. Every other week I wash n go with a leave-in conditioner, and I straighten it every 6-8 weeks to check my progress and get it trimmed. I went home last week to visit my mom, and she saw my curly fro for the 1st time (since childhood) and loved it! After touching it she said that she was jealous of my curls. It made me feel soooo good!


I loooooove! Thanks for all the support & advice. It definitely keeps me going on those days when I wanna shave my head bald.

Love Peace & Nappiness,



Flat Ironed