Meet Michalene… a gorgeous natural who like many, has only recently embraced her curls.

It is just over a year since I embraced my natural curls. I had got to the stage where I could do nothing with my hair and I was searching the internet for hair help and stumbled across and it was a revelation for me. I had previously been blow drying my hair with a brush every day trying to get it into some kind of style. I read and read and then read the Curly Girl book and decided to just start wearing my hair as it was meant to be instead of the constant fight it had become.

Most people at first just commented that my hair was really curly. They would ask if I had permed it. It felt good to say that this was its natural state! Most – well actually, all of my friends have straight hair so they don’t really understand what curly hair is like and when I showed one of them a picture of how I wanted the front of my hair styled she said I should try and wear it less curly like the picture – I explained that my hair just curls as it wants I can’t change how the curls are and I said its like me asking you to not wear your hair as straight as it is!

My ‘must have’ products are firstly my FSG (flax seed gel) – I can always get a good hair day using this. For co washing I use Original Source Pear & Avocado (available in the UK not sure about the USA) and I also like a conditioner with protein such as Aubrey Organics GPB. (In the colder weather I use a tiny amount of leave in – Curl Junkie/Darcy Botanicals are my favourite for that.)

My current hair routine is: co wash with Original Source Pear and Avocado then use AOGPB and leave in for a few minutes, rinse out, scrunch out some water, then scrunch in lots of FSG, plop using Curlease towel, then diffuse on low for 10 mins and leave my hair to air dry. (Now obviously like a lot of curlies I am a bit of product junkie so I do try lots of different products!)

In the summer and higher dew points I use much the same routine but top with Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee (Not that we actually get too many days of heat and humidity here in Scotland!)