On the Couch With Rams2gether

Hola Chicas,

I’m kicking off a new segment!

In my years of participating in the online curly community, I’ve learned that although there are some obvious differences between being Caucasian (and/or Latina) and curly and African American and curly, there are many similarities as well. What unites us all is the need to find alternative care and styling solutions, and that we must, in the face of stigma, rock our curls glamorously and proudly!

I found many of my now favorite conditioners from perusing looser curly hair boards, and from what I’ve observed, many techniques and products used by 4as, work for 3bs as well! So let’s learn, share, and inspire! We have much more in common than we know 🙂

I do, however, need your help! What should I name the segment (for ease of navigation and organization)?

Without further ado…

Meet Rams2gether… a beautiful curly that reminds us that we’re fortunate to have so many styling options!

On the Couch With Rams2gether
CN: Have you always embraced your natural curls?
I did not always embrace my curls. My mother has similar hair but a little thicker and hers is coarse. You’d THINK she’d know what to do with my hair but that just wasn’t the case.
I spent my entire elementary/middle school years embarrassed of my hair though no one knew and everyone loved it.
I got a really great regimen down in HS, although not one product I used then works for me today…go figure.

CN: If not, who or what inspired you?
I literally have to keep looking for inspiration. I wake up sometimes loving my curls and then, like most curlies, need a few days of straight hair.
I guess my inspiration is my husband. He LOVES the curls. So my on going commitment to my hair is really just my commitment to my hubby 🙂

CN: How have family, friends, and strangers responded to your curls? How do you respond to them?
My sisters and all my friends have different hair than me and have always expressed envy. Growing up I’d say, “you can HAVE it” but these days I just say “thank you” because I know my hair is pretty awesome! Curly hair is just so versatile!

CN: What are your must have products?
You know the KEY to my hair being so darn healthy, shiny, and vibrant— I swear is the fact that I drink a gallon of water a day. That is my holy grail and not just for my hair but my entire body.
But I know you want to know an actual product 🙂 recently my favorite product is AG:Re Coil….LOVE IT!!

CN: Routine for the the perfect curl?
For me…
1.co-wash and condition with Suave Naturals Coconut,
2. de-tangle in the shower,
3. with hair pretty drippy, I apply the AG:Re Coil evenly
4. No RAKING the product in (for me, I like clumping and no raking is the key for me) Just gentle application
5. Lightly apply heat protector (I am currently using Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide)
6. Diffuse, Diffuse, Diffuse 95%
7. DO NOT TOUCH OR MUSS until 100% dry
8. Scrunch out the crunch
9. Pineapple at night

**I also get deep conditioning treatments every 2 weeks by my Dominican stylist, everyone needs one :)**

CN: Anything else you’d like to add?
I’d like to add that it’s perfectly normal to not always love your hair and want a straight day, just stay away from the flat iron. And if you can get a Dominican lady to do your hair, go for it. I swear when mine does a rollo set on me, my hair is sooo healthy. That is the ONLY way to go straight and not suffer damage. You can also go to your normal salon and ask for a roller set…expect to be given some weird looks, but keep looking until you find someone. 🙂
I have a love hate relationship with my hair but I’m like that even with my furniture, lol I am a finicky person and its ok to want a change sometimes. Us curly girls are so fortunate to have the options that we do. So whatever you choose, just own it and Rock it! Go big and beautiful baby!

You can visit my youtube …. http://www.youtube.com/rams2gether

On the Couch With Rams2getherOn the Couch With Rams2gether