Hola Chicas,

Just checking in with you gorgeous gals! I’ll be 30 weeks on Friday, and besides the inability to paint my toenails or shave effectively (seriously, I’ve resorted to a hand mirror… my vajayjay has become quite elusive!), I’m doing pretty darn good. I’m still walking every morning, which is great, because I’m now eating 6 meals a day– I actually just finished first dinner (inside joke for those of you that watch ‘The Office’)!

My latest and most annoying symptom? Arthritic hands. I feel like I have the fingers of an 80 year old piano player. Every morning when I first wake up, I can barely make a fist… the pain eventually dissipates, but unfortunately, it rears its ugly head again whenever I’m using my hands… like right in the middle of a twist or braid set! I get so pissed! My doc said it’s from all the extra fluid, which I can only detect after my morning walk (if my hands are at my side, they swell up like balloons), or in the evening when I put my cankles up.

Oh, I take naps everyday now, and my new bed time is in like 30 minutes… I usually pass out at 7 pm, only to wake up at 10 and enjoy second dinner, then it’s back to sleep until 2 when I get up to pee, and then off to sleep again until around 6am. Craziness! I guess it’s mother nature’s way of getting my body ready for NO sleep. Good times.

Here’s my (almost) 30 week bump:

In the photo above, which was taken today, I pulled a twist-out back into a banana clip. They create awesome puffs!
Products for this twist-out: Yes to Cucumbers Conditioner + Aveda Defining Whip + Vatika Oil to seal my ends

Last thing… I got my diaper bag! It’s so friggin’ fly that I’m already carrying it… for practice of course ;0)
There’s a story behind this one, but I’ll share later. Just know that my hookup will benefit you as well!

See how ridiculously huge it is?! I’m a sucker for a big bag. Oh, and that’s my twist-out on Day 1, pre banana clip.

Off to snack, then it’s off to bed 🙂

Later Gators,