Hola Chicas!

I’m editing the below post to add pics from today– 4th day hair! I would’ve taken pics yesterday but hubby had the camera in Durham.

Although it’s a bit shrinkier and a tad bit frizzier, it’s still totally workable. I again slept (and worked out) with my hair pineappled, and to help it return to a ‘downward’ position, I showered, brushed my teeth, and dressed with it pulled into a low loose pony with my trusty satin scrunchy.

Overall, I’m pleased with the results and can’t wait to try it again! I had plans to do it tonight, but the ‘itis has set in– gotta love those Ihop pancakes.

Later Gators,

**Begin Original Post (6/16/2010)**

Hola Chicas!

It’s hump day… and I’m friggin’ drained. I’m hungry, achy, puffy, tired and hungry, hungry, HUNGRY! I did my hair on Sunday night (I think)- – the usual Twist-n-Curl, but I styled with the cone-laden Hydralicious Reconditioning Conditioner from Herbal Essence and a touch of Aveda’s Defining Whip. These pics are from Monday, and my hair today looks just as defined and frizz free, despite 89% humidity and a dew point above 70. Usually by day 3 and 4 of the YTC + Aveda combo, I have to pony, bun, or banana clip it to look presentable. Also, my hair feels very soft and moisturized.

I’ve been pineappling (sleeping with my hair in a high, loose pony on a satin pillow case) to preserve the curls, and it’s working like a charm! Definitely give this bedtime routine a whirl if you haven’t- – it keeps the curls stretched, defined, and un-smooshed.

I tried the Hydralicious a while back, but can’t remember if I used it as a detangler, or as a leave-in. I’m too lazy to search my own archives, lol. Anyway, I’ll try it again tomorrow night and report back.

Have you ever used Hydralicious as a leave-in? What were your results?

Later Gators!