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Curly Nikki

S4pphir3- Naturally Glam Hair Idol

By January 27th, 202125 Comments
Meet S4pphir3… a beautiful natural reminding us to keep it simple!

S4pphir3- Naturally Glam Hair Idol

CN: How long have you been natural?
This is my third attempt to take better care of my hair and hopefully the last! My last relaxer was in June 2004. I transitioned for about 5 months and did the BC in November. Wow I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 years!

CN: What is your current regimen?
Currently I wash my hair every 3 or 4 days with Suave or VO5 conditioners. My favorites are VO5 Kiwi Lime and Suave Almond Shea Butter or Rosemary Mint. I deep condition twice a week and do a hot oil treatment once a month. I clarify with Kinky-Curly’s Come Clean shampoo once a month or as needed.
S4pphir3- Naturally Glam Hair Idol

CN: How do you maintain length? Moisture?
Lately I’ve been following the conditioner-only method made famous by Teri Laflesh. It has been a saving grace for my hair. In doing so I’ve been able to cut combing and brushing from my regimen resulting in less damage being done to my hair so the ends aren’t breaking like they once were. Every now and again also like to treat my hair to a honey & olive oil treatment, it leaves my hair incredibly shiny and soft. I keep a watchful eye on my ends so I can cut out splits and knots before they do serious damage.

CN: How do you protect your curls at night?

Unlike most Curlies, I don’t tie my hair up in a loose pineapple when I go to bed. My curls tend to stick up and out on their own so instead I add a dab of Jamaican Black Castor oil to my ends and just tie them down with my scarf.

CN: What would you tell a new natural, or transitioning diva?
When you are first starting out it may be tempting to try everything out there that claims to give you soft, shiny, beautiful hair; or because someone gave a product a really good review. But it takes time to find the products that work best for your hair type. In my experience, simple regimens worked best for me. It made it a lot easier to adjust my regimen if a product stopped working for me or my hair’s needs had changed (i.e. moisture or protein).

CN: What’s the best thing about being naturally glamorous?
There’s so much I love about being natural! I’m not afraid of the rain, wind, or humidity. I don’t have to waste my entire day in a salon. I don’t have “bad” hair days anymore now that I’ve learned how to work with my hair and not against it. I love the freedom, the versatility, the uniqueness and how it compliments my character!

CN: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Over the years I’ve stalked countless fotki’s and hair boards admiring other natural women. It’s nice to be able to share my own tips that may help someone else in their journey.


S4pphir3- Naturally Glam Hair Idol
S4pphir3- Naturally Glam Hair Idol
S4pphir3- Naturally Glam Hair Idol


  • ebonee says:

    um yeah why did u get a relaxer in the first place, those girls are so juicy to me lol there so beautiful.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wanted to know what your hair type is?

  • Anonymous says:

    What leave-in conditioner are you using with Teri LaFlesh's methods? I stocked up on Break's Over (Herbal Essence) recently since it was being discontinued. It is my favorite so far.

  • Anonymous says:

    I also use the Terri LaFlesh method and lo and behold, it works on my hair!!! The best part about it is that she only uses two products (and occasionally EVOO)and that's shampoo and conditioner. I think I have found the answer I've been searching for my whole life (except that I don't use shampoo).

    Oh yes, I have coarse, frizzy hair that only has a slight wave and Terri has tight curls but her method works for me. She's proved that you don't have to put four to six products on your hair at a time to get your hair to look groomed.

  • Arias Ariana says:

    that's what my hair looked like before I got a relaxer about 3 years ago. such a bad decision on my part…now i have to go through the transitioning process all over again. sigh

  • Embracingmycurls says:

    Your hair is so shiny!
    Can you please tell me what the Teri Laflesh conditioner-only method?

  • s4pphire says:

    Thank you all for your comments, it really means a lot to me!

    Why did I relax? I was 12 and hadn't a clue how to care for my hair. People kept telling me, "child you need a perm" or "why don't you perm your hair?" So I thought that was the way to go.

    To answer the other question in regards to my position on the Tightly-Curly Method (which btw I clarified on my fotki): I was a saving grace at the time when I discovered it and that it actually worked for me. My hair was breaking terribly and this method helped bring it back to life. However, since I am trying to gain length I don't think this style will help me reach my goal in the time span that I would like since my hair is very fine and wash & go styles always give me knots. I will definitely revisit this method in the future though b/c I think my hair has never looked or felt better.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why in the world would you EVER get a relaxer? Girl, you should have been natural from day 1!

    When people make comments like the above, it makes me wonder what they consider to be hair that needs a relaxer with no questions asked. I can understand why people may ask when looking at s4pphir3's natural hair but it does sadden me a little because it gives the message out that certain hair textures needed a relaxer to be pretty.

    Her natural hair is beautiful because it looks well cared for. I'm type 4 and would love a puff her size one day.

  • Miss Dior says:

    I loooove your hair! Thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous says:

    Your curls are gorgeous and so healthy looking. They look like satin ribbons in that close-up shot.

  • Anonymous says:

    Aww dude no lie, I have hair envy right now! haha

  • CurlyKye says:

    So cute!!! Very healthy looking!

  • Alicia says:

    Why in the world would you EVER get a relaxer? Girl, you should have been natural from day 1!

  • Unknown says:

    Your hair is sooo pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  • honeysmoke says:

    beautiful, moisturized curls.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Mzbush says:

    Your curls are phenomenal!

  • Unknown says:

    Wow her hair looks great! Its so shiny and healthy!!

  • Unknown says:

    Your hair is beautiful!:-) Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Anonymous says:

    I see that you say the conditoner method has been your saving grace but on your fotki you stated "Conditioner-only method is wreaking havoc on my strands .. giving me a lot of fairy knots!!
    I had to give myself a trim and had several search & destroy sessions. The knots was catching on to other strands (among other things) and created bigger knots. Can't have that so I cut those bad boys." I was just curious which is accurate, but your hair is really gorgeous love the shine.

  • Anonymous says:

    OMG. Your hair looks BEAUTIFUL……

  • Crishair says:

    OMG, you hair is so shiny and seems to be so soft! Very nice!! I also use the Tightly Curly method and love the result in my hair (except for the shinkrage :-)).

  • StaceyMarie says:

    Your hair is beautiful! And it's nice to see someone else who uses the Tightly Curly method! I love it, too!! My hair is much thicker and coarser than yours appears to be, though. I was developing Angela Bassett as Tina Turner arms trying to detangle Cirrus (my hair) before I discovered this method.

  • beautywithcurls says:

    Well S4pphir3 You Already Know I Love Your Hair!! It's Nice Seeing You Featured On Here…Beautiful Hair! :~D

  • DreamMerchant says:

    Wow, your hair looks so healthy and strong!

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