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Curly Nikki

What Are Protective Hair Styles?

By January 27th, 202118 Comments

What Are Protective Hair Styles?
Hola Chicas,

Most divas with kinky curly hair are all too familiar with the challenge that comes with maintaining a healthy mane. For different reasons many of us will resort to protective styling as a way to combat split ends and breakage.


What do you consider a protective style?

Do you “Protective Style”? How often?

What’s your favorite protective style?

Do you find them to be beneficial?


  • X-Factor says:

    For all of my natural sistas I recommend going to the Just Naturals website. It is a natural hair care company and the products are absolutely fantastic. I did the BC in May 2011 and 6 months later I am in love with my TWA. I wear it braided, twisted, twist out and i haven't been happier! I BC'd 17 years of dreads. Love your natural hair!

  • Brittany says:

    I'll be 19 years old in June. I have naturally curly hair. My hair is think and about 3 or 4 inches past shoulder length. Since the beginning of 2009, I have been wearing my curls on a regular basis. I've only straightened my hair less than 10 times since then. I have successfully completed my first year at college and this is my first year back at home. I'll be working and going to school during the summer. I was considering getting box braids or senegalese twists. Are these styles considered "protective?"


  • Anonymous says:

    some good 4 the hair

  • Anonymous says:

    I am currently rocking a bun for my protective style right now ….I was so happy I could finally get one …I hope it will last for a week ..
    I am going to try minitwo strand next with dry hair …what products do u ladies use for dry two strand twist ….I am new to the site and need some help lol

  • Anonymous says:

    I w ear my hair out! Like jane carter does an motwn girl. When it was short an damaged I wore some ridiculous styles! Like six box braids at the bottom (didn't know what the hello to do with it) an a bun on tip. Because I transitioned. This was like five years ago. Or half french just rolled cause it wouldn't tuck all the way. It was frustrating man. But I was determined to get it healthy. So after my wash & condish decide the style wear that one all week. Tie it up at night oil my ends. Yeah but other than that I'm wearing my hair lose. Twists don't work because they won't stay twisted. Braids hurt buns make me look old lol.

  • Unknown says:

    I hate protective styling myself but I do it. 4 out 7 days. Small two strand then I twist out. I can usally where a twist out for 5 days. My hair is mid back. I am not really trying to grow it just trying to keep big and full.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm torn with protective styling for myself. I understand the purpose of it and conceptually it makes sense. I think that it has real benefits, however: 1) I don't like how twists look on ME no matter how many scarves and flowers I try to add. 2) I feel like I didn't "go natural" to constantly have my hair braided, twisted, pinned, or covered. I didn't wear my hair like that as a relaxed head, I wore my hair out and free and it did just fine.

  • Anonymous says:

    Im protecting my hair until it grows back I do this simply doing box braids and slaping on a wig or wig cap its super easy cute and easy to switch up 😉 plus i dont have to deal with alot of manipulation on my hair scalp or ends

  • stephanie aka scrapandthecity says:

    I love this style and would love to see the front. I would like to try this on my daughter's hair. Thanks.


  • Lovelyk says:

    I'm so glad to see that I am not the only one that doesn't use protective styles. I don't simply because I can't braid my on hair and I like wearing it out. I just moisturize alot and use a metal pick to detangle. I don't think that my hair growth has been hindered at all.

  • Anonymous says:

    i find protective styles ironic. naturals refer to protective styling (styles like twists, braids, cornrows, etc.) as low manipulation but you have to set aside an inordinate amount of time and product to do them, all in the name of not having to do it again for the next week or so.

    i don't do protective styling that often because i, too, am a free spirit and prefer to wear my hair out, something that, for me, takes little to no time to do. it takes long to dry, but it requires no manipulation, except detangling on wash day, which is done for twists and such anyway. most mornings, i just take off the satin cap, spritz with water/greg juice, steam in the shower and that's it. my hair has grown very well from this.

  • CurlyIvy08 says:

    What do you consider a protective style?
    Any hairstyle that requires no-low manipulation and no heat to do it and your hair isn't rubbing on your clothes.

    Do you "Protective Style"? How often? I've been sporting protective styles since I've BC'd in Jan 2010. I get my hair done about every 2 weeks. I've rocked comb twists, braided/2-strand twist updos but mostly variations of 2-strand twists.

    What's your favorite protective style?
    The style that got the most compliments is the flat twisted up on the sides and back with my hair 2-strand twisted on top. (I hope you followed that)

    Do you find them to be beneficial? It has been extremely beneficial to sport these protective styles. I've seen so much hair growth in the last 5.5 months than I hardly ever did with my hair relaxed.

    PLUS, I can get dressed now in under an hour. I think my best time is 35 min from waking up to completely dressed. WooHoo!!!! And I'm carefree about walking in the rain. I'm truly relishing in all the benefits of being natural.

  • Kanisha says:

    What do you consider a protective style?
    Any hairstyle that keeps your hair hidden from the elements!

    Do you "Protective Style"? How often?
    I can't protective style yet (TWA) with my real hair, but I plan on getting Senegalese twists in the winter to keep dryness away!

    What's your favorite protective style?
    I love buns! I can't wait until my hair is long enough to do one! :))

    Do you find them to be beneficial?
    Protective styling and moisturizing well (I believe) are pretty much the best ways to get your hair to grow and to retain length. You don't have to cut as much hair off because your ends aren't getting split which = long, luxurious locks!

  • BrittanyP says:

    To me, a protective hair style is one that pretty much leaves your hair alone. Low manipulation and hiding ends if possible. My hair is about neck length when stretched so a bun is not possible for me. I am working to reach major hair growth so I was wearing a sew in and now I am giving my hair rest by wearing it in small twists. At night I braid sections of the twists and seal the ends with coconut oil before I tuck them. It's not cute enough to wear in public but i'll rock in indoors all day! I am trying something new but it seems like its working.

  • juicedabouthair says:

    Oddly enough I kind of consider my flat ironed do (which I rarely do) protective because it is the only style that I can rock for a week+ without manipulating my hair.

    I haven't quite become comfortable or fully competent at twists and twist out. But I hope to get there because I like options.

  • Notthecoolmom says:

    I would consider protective styles anything that requires little manipulation and keeps the hair from brushing against things like clothing. I think you can have protective styles that don't hide the ends, but protect them from tangling. I think someone with a TWA or medium afro can protect their hair even if it's not long enough to pin or tuck the ends. I think braids, twists, buns, cornrows, wearing wigs, etc. can be protective styles. I think I have worn protective styles a lot since I have moved out of the TWA range and it becomes difficult to detangle a wash n go.

  • Anonymous says:

    Mary in Md

    I consider protective styles hairstyles that protect the ends and require little manipulation. I usually where my hair in a french roll or bun with a twist out or braid out in the front to soften my very round face. I am currently trying a similar style with my hair in two-strand twists. Now that I see a way to wear the front in a more protective manner, I am planning to make this a staple.

    I wear my hair in protective styles A LOT. I have some hair health goals that I trying to reach.

  • Kay says:

    I consider a protective style to be a hairstyle that 'hides' the ends of the hair; a style that has the ends off the shoulders or better yet tucked in.
    I'm sad to say that I don't do protective styling very often. I have a very 'free spirit' kind of personality and I express it in the way that I wear my hair: in 'out' styles, such as braid outs, twist outs, etc…
    When I do protectively style my hair, my favorite style to do is the mini two strand twist. I love this style because it's a protective style that I can use to create many other styles. With mini twists you can create buns and other cute up-do's.
    I think that protective styles are very beneficial because they help with length retention as well as achieving healthier ends.
    It's something I need to start doing a lot more often.

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