Tanya asks:

What 3 things have you learned about your natural or transitioning hair lately?

CN’s Response:
1. My hair told me that she loves Yes to Cucumbers for detangling. Although Herbal Essence’s Totally Twisted gets the job done quick and effectively, YTC doesn’t leave behind a slippery film upon rinsing. Its all natural ingredient line up leaves my detangled hair soft, moisturized, and clean feeling. It detangles just as quickly as HE, and I actually use less product (since it suds up a bit)… which is a good thing since it’s a bit more expensive than the HE.
As a leave-in, it’s moisturizing, and imparts a wonderful shine! Sorry for sounding like a commercial, but I’m really loving this ‘all-purpose’ conditioner.

2. I recently learned the dangers of leaving out the ‘sealing’ step in my styling routine. My ends have been quite unruly, dry, and even knotty lately. I realized I hadn’t sealed in months (ran out of Afrika Republic a while ago), but thanks to Sharika at Butters-n-Bars, my shea butter supply is replenished, and I can get back to work! I also have a bottle of Vatika Oil… I’ve been using it on my ends recently, but it’s too soon to report results.

3. My hair really isn’t a fan of shampoo. Not even the natural, sulfate free kind. I HAVE to pre-poo prior to a ‘poo session or my curls feel crunchy, dry, and miserable.

What about you? What have you learned about your curls?