Pregger Updates

I thought I should check in with you gals! I’m 34.5 weeks and baby and I are healthy, happy (most days), and after this upcoming weekend, my nesting should be completely finished! I’ve had the house power-washed (hubby said it was completely unnecessary), the carpets professionally cleaned, the dogs groomed, and everything Lysol’ed and dusted. I’m still walking daily (30 minutes on the treadmill) and eating healthy. My latest craving– smoothies! I had no idea they were so easy to make- – I blend 1 cup of frozen fruit, 1 cup of plain low or non-fat yogurt and 3/4 cup of 100% juice (usually V8 Fusion). Scrumptious!

I Cried at Walmart…

I’m sure you’re wondering why. This incident occurred a week ago and I’m just now in an emotional state to be able to discuss and laugh about it. At the time, I was livid and inconsolable. It’s incredibly petty, but I guess it comes with the pregger territory!

A little background- – I loathe, no, I detest Super Walmart. I hate having to fight my way down the aisles and duck and dodge run away shopping carts and misbehaving children. I have little patience for it when I’m not pregnant, which is why I had managed to avoid Wally World for months… until that day.

I was in desperate need of an Oreo Blizzard and decided to make my own with slightly healthier ingredients. I didn’t grab a cart, so after locating the ice cream and being sent on a wild goose chase to find the Oreos (they were remodeling the store), I made my way up to the front to checkout…looking uber pregnant I’m sure, waddling along with ONLY a tub of ice cream and a bag of Oreos in my hands, LOL.

Of the 25 or so lanes, 3 were open, and the self-checkout lines were ridiculously long. I only had the two items, so I made a b-line for the ’10 items or less’ lane. Unfortunately I wasn’t swift enough because a lady jumped in front of me with a cart full of stuff– everything from lacy undergarments, to cans of corn, to fertilizer. There were literally 80 items in her cart…piled high on top, and stacked deep on the bottom. She looked at me, I looked at her- – stuck out my stomach and put my hand on it… thinking that would make her say, ‘oh, go on ahead… you’ve only got two things and you’re pregnant’. But nope, she began to slowly empty her cart on to the tiny counter.

Twenty minutes and three price checks later, she’s jaw jacking with the cashier, laughing it up, and paying with multiple credit cards. I’m flustered, hot (literally about to catch fire), my feet are swollen, and I’m painfully aware that my ice cream is melting, fast. Now I’m pissed. My cell rings… it’s hubby who asks for a cheeseburger from the McDonald’s that is (for whatever reason) located inside the Walmart. I finally ring out, snatch my receipt from the cashier (I feel bad for that… it wasn’t her fault), grab my bag and make my way to the opposite end of the store.

The McDonald’s line was 15 peeps deep! OMG! I lost it… all I could think about was my melting ice cream, and cursing out the lady who refused to respect the ’10 Items or Less’ sign. Tears welled up and began streaming down my face… I couldn’t control it! The funny thing was that I wasn’t even embarrassed… at that point, I was like ‘I wish somebody would come over here and say something to me’, LOL.

So when I pulled up in the driveway, hubby met me at the car to help me carry in my melted ice cream (among other things). I was doing my best to hold back my tears when he asked, ‘Are you okay? They got on your nerves, huh?’ I lost it again! I felt horrible because he looked so helpless. I made my blizzard, put loads of warm fudge on top (to drown my sorrows), and propped myself up in the bed in front of the TV (an episode of Baby Story I’m sure). Note to self– Wally World is off limits until AFTER August.

Hair News

Yeah, so my hair has completely stopped shedding. I noticed it in the 6th month, and when I say I get one, maybe two shed hairs per wash session, I’m not kidding. It’s eerie and definitely a sign of things to come. I know that once she arrives, all of the extra hairs making my mane thick and beautiful are going to hit the floor. Postpartum shedding is right around the corner, and hopefully my public experience with it here on will help all of you! While I’m dreading the post pergger hair fall, I’m looking forward to hair in other places going away– a fine layer of fuzz (I call it my fur) has cropped up all over my belly. So strange… is this some throw back trait to keep the baby warm in there?! Creepy.
In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy this new found volume and rock it proud! I alternate between Twist-n-Curls and high or mid-height messy buns, depending on my mood.

3rd Day Hair– Used Hydralicious and Shea Butter

I think that’s all for now… 5 weeks to go… let the countdown begin!