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Curly Nikki

Curl to Curl- What Would You Do?!

By January 27th, 202160 Comments

Curl to Curl- What Would You Do?!
Terra D writes:

So you’re flying from New York to Los Angeles (to visit me, hehe). When you land in Los Angeles, your luggage is no where to be found. Not only are your clothes, shoes and laptop in there, but all of your hair products and accessories are in there! After a 6 hour overnight flight, your hair looks a wreck. You fling your purse open to find 2 bobby pins, Burt’s Bees chapstick, a hair tie (that breaks when you separate it from the bobby pins) and a stick of gum.

How do you style your hair?


  • NaturallyM3 says:

    Well first I would wet and fluff my hair and then I would twist one side of my hair from my temple to the other side of the back of my neck. I would pin it right there then sweep all my hair to one side and fluff… apply chapstick to lips… smack on that lil stick of gum… and then get ready to raise all kinds of H… E… double hockey stick.

  • Anonymous says:

    First I would wet my hair then take the Burt's Bees Chapstick and rub it in my palms warm it up and rub it in my hair since it's natural and take the bobbypins and put it in a bun. Chew the gum, put more Burt's Bees on my lips and the airline will find out (pray for them) why they call me Dramaqueen!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    My first choice of hair repair would be as GoldLabel and Lisa mention: twists. I would use some chapstick to seal my ends. (I'm surprised twists aren't mentioned earlier though.)

    Ditto the laptop in luggage unfortunately I know from personal experience. Back when laptops were first introduced, no one had their own personal one (yes I'm dating myself)and I was a "very" young and new business traveler. I checked one. The result a cracked screen. Too bad (Thanks GoldLabel) wasn't around then. I AM much more travel saavy now and rarely check bags. LOL

  • IcyLillies says:

    I'd cry since the laptop would be gone. I probably wouldn't even care about the hair, lol.
    I'd also wet the hair, pull back on the sides just a little bit and have the bobby pins pull the hair off my face and rest them on my head. It'll almost be a part, but not really.

  • Annie L says:

    Wet hair, break off some of the balm and use it to manipulate my hair into my favorite modified and updated french roll style, secure w/1 bobby at base of twist and 1 at top and use what's left of the balm for any dry spots. I've actually done this more than once…yeah, I know….

  • Anonymous says:

    No laptop in the luggage, maybe my ipad in my carryon. I would just wet the hair, finger comb and go try to be calm with airline. I last traveled with a small bottle of Silk Elements Curl enhancer in my purse. I had a wash go hairstyle anyway. Delta 007

  • Kez says:

    I'd fluff it up, maybe tiny bit of water on the ends and fluff!!
    Maybe pin over more to oneside i think .. . of go buy a scarf (if purse was on you!) . . and then cry about luggage, or maybe other way round and cry about hair ;-) xx

  • Sabrina R Perkins says:

    I am also a water freak and have enough leave in the next day to just wet and go.

  • Anonymous says:

    As far as the hair goes, I would wet, shake, and go.

  • Flawlessly Freckled says:

    You take a right on the century blvd exit onto aviation. Take aviation to el segundo and make a right. Take el segundo to sepulveda and make a right. You will see Whole Foods coming up on the left hand side after the golf course, lol. There is a MAC, for cosmetics (Say hi to me there), aveda, best buy, whole foods, and some clothing shops too.

  • D_luv says:

    I would do everything in this order:

    Go to bathroom. Wet hands. Run wet fingers through hair until is standing straight up in Angela Davis Fro. Use 2 bobby pins and hair tie to make micro-slingshot. Chew gum for 2 min. Presto-chango, ammunition. Ready to handle the airline now! LOL

    Seriously, this wouldn't be me, but I have had similar hair emergencies, and I've always gone with the wet and fro hawk. :)

  • Anonymous says:

    As many above, I wouldn't put my laptop in my checked luggage! Never. Period.

    As to my hair… I'm not a PJ, but I'd run to the first local store and buy a thick conditioner, bands and bobby pins (2 do nothing for my hair) :-D

  • Anonymous says:

    I like how most everyone would use water. Interesting because if we were relaxed or straight, water would be the enemy. Cool post.

  • lisa says:

    I'm a writer so if I lost my laptop I wouldn't be able to see to fix my hair through the tears. First I'd go straight to the lost luggage counter and do the ugly cry, complete with runny nose and wheezing. lol. And if they seemed to be taking too long to help me I would start asking for tissue because "I wouldn't want my nose running on any of their precious paperwork." lol. I'm sure they'd scoot me away with a solution/your bag is on a flight headed to…. and we are having it rerouted asap. lol. Sometimes, you gotta make a scene with tears to get things done.

    Now, that I have time to figure out what to do with my hair. lol. I'd go to the ladies room. Splash water on my face and either use the two bobby pins (long ones I hope) to make a half up/down look. I'd lock the bobby pins into each other to keep them secure in my hair and put some burt's bees in my hands to moisture my face and then use some to give my curls some sheen and control.

    Or I'd make five or six medium twists on the front left side of my head and use the bobby pins to pin them to the right side. It's a funky way to add detail to a wash and go.

  • Gold Label says:

    I know that this is a hypothetical question, and I hate to come across as an arrogant you-know-what but this scenario would probably never ever happen to me. Why? Well…

    #1 – I DON'T CHECK LUGGAGE. I just went to Vegas for 5 days and all I had was a backpack and a large pocketbook in which I had my laptop, wallet and makeup among other things. Did I also mention that I wore something different every single day? If you'd like the freedom of never having to check luggage, go to – believe me, freedom from heavy, checked luggage is right up there with freedom from relaxers, aaah, but I digress.

    #2 – I ONLY TRAVEL WITH FRESHLY WASHED HAIR, so why on earth would my hair look wrecked after a mere 6 hours?

    #3 – THE ONLY HAIR PRODUCT I TRAVEL WITH IS RAW SHEA BUTTER. It redefines my curls each night and makes my hair so healthy! Raw shea butter also serves as my skin moisturizer and lip balm. A one-week supply of shea butter is barely as big as a tennis ball so it's very easy to travel with in your purse…and since it's not a liquid, I have no problem with taking it through airport security.

    Back to the What-If?
    In the unlikely event that my hair did look really bad and I was without any products at all, I would do 3 or 4 two-strand twists in the front on a side part and just let them hang, then pull my other hair up to the 'middle-top' of my head, and then tuck the ends under the rest of my hair. Done well, this technique is as secure as having a ponytail holder. The bobby pins would secure the sides if necessary. Finally, I would exude my Nappier is Happier curly-girl swag, and all would be well with the world :)

  • DFig says:

    This is not a mock situation. THIS WAS ME a few weeks ago as I landed in Korea for a 10 week project. I was distressed when one of my bags with all my critical conditioners and oils was MIA. All I had was a travel size bottle of morrocan hair oil :(

    I used water! lots of it! and let my hair be softened by the humidity of the shower. Then I did braid outs until I could find my way to a store and yes SHEA butter (not all natural but STILL). The lesson here is that my natural hair was all set with some water–I am a transitioner so the relaxed ends were not so happy but with the shea they cooperated. Next time I pack my carryon better! My bag is still MIA but I have a great husband who sent a very big box of "supplies"

  • battlekat says:

    You ladies are so funny!

  • Unknown says:

    I would part my hair (a little to the left) with my fingers and do two large flat twists to the back. Then, I would "fix" my hair tie, by knotting the ends together (I'm from the South). I would use my "fixed" hair tie to create a low ponytail out of my two twists. Finally, I'd use the two bobby pins to tuck the twists under. Voila, hair problem solved.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Res Judicurls says:

    Water. Chapstick on the edges. Possibly use the bobby pins for a messy bun.

  • Anonymous says:

    Go to the airport shop and pick up a travel sized hair gel, hit up a bathroom, and make those 2 bobby pins work until I can get to a WholeFoods.

  • Unknown says:

    I would run to the bathroom, section off a piece of hair in the front, dampen my hands and pull the remaining hair into a pony tail to be secured with the ponytail holder, and use the 2 bobby pins to create a hump in the front. I would use the burt bees to slick my edges and moisten my lips. After all that, I would promptly head over to customer service and demand some action to be taken. Then I would tweet about the whole scenario! LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    How do you style your hair in this situation?
    You don't.
    You put the chapstick on your lips, and sit (confidently) and wait for your luggage to get found, staring down ANY joker who dares look at you sideways!:-)

  • Anonymous says:

    i've been rocking the afro puff lately, so chances are, i'd already be wearing that style is such a thing happened and i lost all my luggage. i'd simply dampen my hair with water, finger-comb my hair and slick my hair back into it puff. i'd use the bobby pins to keep the hair in place

  • Anonymous says:

    It's hard for me to go on this imaginary, hypothetical trip because I AM so serious about having a carry on with my necessities. I am a serious troubleshooter. And if I'm on an overnight flight, I have a scarf and/or something to hold my hair back so I can sleep in peace.

    However, if said hair thingy broke and I was looking some kinda crazy, I'd be in the bathroom with most everyone else wetting my hair to get my curl back. I use the 2 bobby pins to pin the front of my hair down on each side into a sort of headband for my fro because I like that style.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree about the laptop, that's a major no no. Knowing me, I would have to use the rest room after drinking a large amount of water while inflight. Looking in the mirror I'd want to make myself more presentable, but with missing luggage, I would do something quick like a french braid.

    Also I've received complimentary toiletries, socks, headphones on several transcontinental flights (KLM, American, BA, etc.). And if they aren't offered, just ask, that what's our passage covers!

  • Anonymous says:

    I really appreciate this post. The weather has been playing tricks on me and I finally think I have an inkling of what to do. Wet my hair and compose myself for the level of tactfulness I will need to communicate with the airline representative. Then ascertain where my luggage is and when it will arrive. Once informed about my luggage, I would google the closets whole foods or a place I could find pure shea butter on my phone. If I'm lucky, the hair fairy (my Mommy), still has the last batch of butter I made for her or the last order of shea butter I sent to her from butters-n-bars. Thanks again Curly Nikki for the info on humectants. Live, Love, Peace. ~ Sweetsop

  • Anonymous says:

    I think that everything I would do has already been thought of….def do not put laptop in the luggage….a huge no no!! LOL!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love the comments! I'm a hat girl so I would most likely go find one in a gift shop and then like everyone else, go raise hell over my bags!

  • Unknown says:

    Like many I would be more concerned about my laptop, that thing is like my life! lol. I would wet in the restroom, detangle a bit, and pin up the front boufant style, while tousling the sides and back for a full look. i would use some the burt's bees chapstick between my fingers to smooth my edges….Hey gotta be resourceful.

  • Kanisha says:

    I'd use some water to do a fish braid to the side! Those are super cute.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would run to the bathroom, smear the chapstick (vaseline style) all over my face to prepare for the boxing match that is about to ensue. After taking care of business, I would calmly return to the bathroom, rinse my mouth out with water, wipe the chapstick off, wet my hair, shake, and go. Messing with my hair products is like messing with my emotions…

  • Anonymous says:

    The question didnt ask would you check your laptop…it asked how you would style your hair, LOL!

  • Notthecoolmom says:

    First I would have NEVER put my laptop in my checked bag, but I would probably pop the gum to calm my nerves…I would fly that far with my hair out so maybe it's twisted and I could use water to retwist and maybe pin the bangs back. Then it's on to get my bags back or I gotta go hit up a store for some cheap products until my stuff comes in.

  • Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said…

    Brings up a good idea for a business! Instead of (or in addition to) giving out free soft drinks and high calorie snacks, the airlines should sell 3oz sizes of toothpaste, hair products, lotions, etc.
    July 21, 2010 2:45 PM

    They actually do give out toothpaste and lotion and goodies like that when you go out to europe… well delta airlines does at least

  • Anonymous says:

    I don't think I would care how I look until I get where I'm headed WITH my luggage lol
    I think I'm the only girl who couldn't care less about how I look for days even if i'm out in public.


  • Anonymous says:

    Brings up a good idea for a business! Instead of (or in addition to) giving out free soft drinks and high calorie snacks, the airlines should sell 3oz sizes of toothpaste, hair products, lotions, etc.

  • Amelie says:

    Stay looking a mess so that the airline would get the point of how angry I am about my luggage! lol. Then when I'm calm I'd wet my head shake and go.

  • Anonymous says:

    That's why I want waist length hair: to make one braid. :-)

    I use the chapstick, water and my hands to smooth my edges.

    I make 2 braids, twist the ends in a sort of bun behind my head and I secure with the 2 bobby pins and I complain that my hair is not long enough again.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would run to the bathroom, dampen my hair, flat twist each side of my hair, pin it up in the back, use the chapstick for my edges AND my lips, and after a brief freak out I'd be off to raise hell over my luggage!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok, I'm I the only product junkie on the forum that keeps a travel sample bottle of Giovanni Leave in Conditioner in my purse at all times?? (looking around, only hearing crickets) LOL That little bottle is right next to my cell phone. All I need is water and that and I am good to go!

  • LaNeshe says:

    I think I'd wet and pull a fro-hawk as well.

  • Anonymous says:

    Did u know that the air that they pump into the cabin is humidified? It makes it eaiser for passengers to breate. But the last time I flew, I had straightened my hair & it was raining @ my destination, needless to say, I arrived looking like the boogeyman. LOL

    I will NEVER travel without styling tools in my bag.


  • Tiffany says:

    After crying for 30 minutes, I would drown my hair in water and use both bobby pins to pin down the front section of one side. Don't ask why. I only have two bobby pins=/ haha. And I'd also use that chapstick like Embracingmycurls to smooth those edges!

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with everyone else about the laptop not being in checked luggage. My purse is always stocked for a hair-mergency, but if I only had two bobby pins, I would strut over to the ladies's room, wet my hair, braid it into a single braid and bun it using the bobby pins. Would probably use the Burts Bees to smooth the edges.

  • Irendi says:

    Ahh!! Your laptop is NEVER supposed to be checked in with your luggage!

    And, believe it or not, the rest happened to me (the airline I flew allowed 1 carry-on & 1 personal- i.e. laptop). I flew from Alabama to Sacramento, and my luggage was lost for a couple of days. I had NO hair products other than a claw clip. Water was my friend!

    I wet my hair and pinned it up.

  • pntszdinFluence says:

    I would freak out and tell Airline Customer service they owe me money ASAP. Then I would go to the bathroom wet my hair, pull it back in a puff and use the chapstick to lay my edges down. I can use the bobby pins as weapons to release my anger.

  • Naturally You says:

    That would not be me! My purse is always stocked with ponytail holders, headbands, bobby pins, and a styling product.

    However, if I were to bump my head and remove said items from purse:

    I would saturate my hair with water, scrunch with a paper towel, make 4 braids and pin them into a sidebun with the bobby pins. I would then smooth my edges with the chapstick.

  • Anonymous says:

    That question feels a little too much like one of those algebra word problems. lol

  • Anonymous says:

    so true Winegrrl

  • Jeannette says:

    At first I would freak then remind myself, wait a minute, I already have my hair braided up. Now where's my damn stuff?! LOL

  • WineGrrl says:

    I wouldn't put my laptop in my checked luggage!

  • Nikki Stiletto says:

    Go to the bathroom wet it, put a french braid in it tuck the end of the braid under and use the bobby pins to secure the ends. Then I would put the chapstick on my lips because I don't want them to get dry while I cuss out the airline! lol

  • Unknown says:

    Since I'm new to this I would probably freak out for about ten minutes than go to the bathroom and put water on the front of it, do some big twist and pin them down and let the rest free flow.

  • Maricopa says:

    I would do all of the above :-(

  • Embracingmycurls says:

    I would probably run to ladies room, wet my hands to gather my hair up into a bun, twist it and then use the bobby pins to secure it in place. As for the Burt's Bees chapstick, since it is all natural I would apply some to my lips then use it to seal down my baby hair. That piece of gum you can keep, after a 5 hour flight I need to run to get a bite!

  • Lori Mc says:

    I'm with the other ladies, water is my friend!! Knowing me, my hair would have an ample amount of leave-in, so a little water would revitalize me until I could get to the store, after I raised a little, ok BIG fuss with the airline.

  • Erica says:

    Let it stay looking a wreck so that it can reflect how I feel about my luggage being gone. lol. No, seriously I would use the bobby pins to pin up the sides, fluff the back, pop in a piece of gum and head to raise sand about my luggage.

  • Carmel Stacks says:

    Hair would be the least of my concern if my laptop was missing but I'd do the same as jlowman1 minus the fro hawk thing.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'd go to the restroom, splash a little water on my curls and fluff. Then I'd use the bobby pins to pin up the sides for a fro hawk.

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