NubieNatty writes:

I wanted to briefly share my story on a milestone I’ve crossed thanks to National Afro Day! Ive been natural for 9 months now and although I love my hair, I didn’t fully LOVE it or I guess appreciate it as much, until today.

It’s actually funny because I started with an ‘Amber Rose’ to experience all of the different stages of observing, learning, and nurturing my tresses- – from a TWA to the BAA I am rocking today. Although my hands enjoyed playing in my new found love of all this full, thick and gorgeous hair, I’ve truly been on an emotional roller coaster.

I always encourage others who’ve been in my shoes to keep their heads up and stay motivated, but deep down inside I was pretty much doing the opposite within myself. I kept a smile on my face, rocking my TWA and even failed Twist-Outs and Wash-n-Gos because I didn’t want those rooting for me to see me crack under pressure. It’s so easy to say “brush off the haters” and “pay them no mind” but deep down, I actually did care what they thought of me, and yet I felt compelled to put up this front like “yea whatever…I KNOW I look good”. That’s a hard facade to hide behind… a mask I no longer wanted to wear.

So here I am, natural and loving it, but also a tiny bit uneasy at the same time. I’m very passionate about learning from my girls on the Forum and getting a feel for what my hair likes through trial and error. It wasn’t until TODAY that I fully gave in and told myself, I LOVE MY HAIR!! Through the ups and downs, the failed styling attempts, and product mishaps, I’m totally in loooove with my hair. I’ve come to the conclusion, whether I think it’s a failed ‘do or not, that my greatest mistakes are my BEST results!

The greatest feeling is to know that when I leave the house, I have all eyes on me! My confidence radiates and I can feel the looks… the stares… they want to be me! You hear people say, “I wish I could go natural, BUT”…and then the myths and excuses begin to pour. I’m starting to see a trend in big hair; so much that people are actually PAYING for kinky weaves to achieve the fro look when what grows out of my head is FREE!!

The overwhelming support I have received from my CN ladies is priceless. I couldn’t ask for a better, honest and inspirational group of divas! I guess that’s what makes me so emotional about the love I feel in being apart of such a group. Women have a bad rep for cattiness, hatred, envy and being so negative towards each other without giving much love to uplift each other. I have never experienced such an opposite attitude among beautiful women in my life. It’s powerful!

Your close friends of course have your back, but to come across women who you’ve never met in person, you talk to everyday, and learn so much from; words can’t even express the gratitude!

When I see my girls at meetups I feel like I’ve known them forever. I support them in their many creative endeavors and they support me in mine. This is absolutely hands down the best community to be apart of and I cant wait for the 1st Annual CurlyNikki Cruise (hint-hint). Thank you Nikki for keeping me entertained and having such a steady following of AMAZING women! National ‘Fro Day has really opened my eyes to confirm what I should have accepted from the beginning…My FRO is gorgeous. I see so many other women pulling it off and I was skeptical of myself, but once I kept playing and shaping it, my smile grew bigger and bigger 😀 heeeey, I gotta do this more often ’cause I walked out feeling like superwoman and NOBODY was gonna take my shine and from now on…they never will.