Elizabeth writes:

Hi Beautiful Ladies!

I’m very honored to be involved with Curly Nikki! I was asked to do a tutorial of the style I submitted for Fierce Friday, so here it is!

This style is best done on detangled, stretched hair that is around 5-7 inches long. Virtually any type of product can be used since hold isn’t a big issue. I like to use Komaza Hair Care’s Shea Lotion.


1 . Part the back of your hair horizontally starting near the top of your ear. You can use the end of a comb to make the parts neat, or just use your fingers. Make three sections (one in the middle) out of that layer. Two-strand twist those sections.

2 . The next horizontal part is made from temple to temple. In the back, starting in the area right behind your ears, make three more sections (one in the middle) right over the bottom three. Next comes a trick I learned to help the aesthetic: make a triangle part at the top of the middle section. You may need to try out different sizes of triangles to see what you like best. This triangle of hair goes with the middle twist. Twist these sections.

3 . There should be leftover sections on the sides. Divide those in half and twist. You should now have six sections in the back, and two on each side.

4 . With the rest of your hair on the top of your head, make four sections and twist.

5 . Now the fun part! You’ll need six small bobby pins. Take the top and bottom twists in the back and cross them over. Pin them wherever they will reach. Mirror this on the other side. Next, take the twist closest to your forehead and the one closest to your temple and pin them behind or near the base of the other twist at the top of your head (on the same side). Mirror this on the other side. Now take two of the four twists the are left and pin them near the base of the upper back twist. Mirror this on the other side.

6 . The final step is to twist the back. Take the bottom one in your left hand and the top in your right. Twist them over each other once, tugging at the ends to make sure it’s secure. The back has a tendency to come down. If this happens, just pin one or two of the ends down until your hair is used to being in that twist. To refresh this style, simply de-shed, detangle, and re-twist! I find that re-twisting damp hair at night and then dry twisting (with oil if you like) in the morning helps prolong the style.

This style is ALL about trial and error! The first few times I did it, it wasn’t perfect by any means. Experiment with what works best for you. Maybe even try switching up the number and placement of the sections.

Happy styling!