Hola Chicas!

Time is ever so quickly winding down… I’ll be 37 weeks on Friday and the baby feels low (and though she feels as if she’s gonna fall outta my butt any second, I’m taking y’alls word that she won’t!). The nursery is complete, my bag is packed and dear family and friends will begin arriving as early as next week!

Strange new symptoms? Let’s see… since breathing is an activity I find quite enjoyable, I have to sleep sitting up, which I hate. Plus, if I happen to fall asleep laying down, I wake up with very painful cramps in my lower belly and back. So yeah, restful sleep is not happening and I’m so tired during the day. Also, one boob is noticeably larger than the other… but neither are big enough for me to purchase a nursing bra in my size. I’ve been to two Tarjays and a JcPenny and apparently I have very, very tiny breasts… maybe A cups aren’t supposed to breast feed? But dammit I’m gonna give it my all…hopefully the bigger boob (which I now call ‘my good boob’) will pull the weight! TMI?

Finally, I have a perfectly straight line running down the back of each leg (from my butt to my ankles). To the right of each line, my skin is very dark, to the left, it’s very light. So strange! And the kicker is that my mom said the exact same thing happened to her.

Anywho, on to my reason for this post. I tried the Goody Simple Styles hair clip tonight with great results! Here’s the description they provide:

Pony Pouf makes the “piece-y” pony so easy! Clever little styling tools and instructional guides to assist every woman in achieving a salon-inspired hairstyle at home.

I can see how this product really would deliver what the texture challenged community so desires. Volume. Since we curlies don’t have this problem, I truly questioned the reason for even trying it. Glad I did though! It’s yet another low stress, low tension way of securing the hair in a chic and easy style. Plus the design allows for ultimate poofage without the hassle of tying a pantyhose around your head. It sort of reminds me of a tiny, modified banana clip. It has two positions (the first for finer hair, and the second for thicker), and the comb portion on the top half makes it easy for you to fluff the hair up and intensify the volume of your puff.

I like it because it gives me the security of a pony tail holder (looped two or three times), with the volume of a pantyhose or goody headband secured puff. It’s easy to put in and remove– snagging and tearing is not an issue. Definitely another tool to add to your arsenal!

Instructions on the packaging

The clip secured at my crown

Don’t forget to enter the Goody Simple Styles Challenge over at NaturallyCurly.com!

You can find the clip at most stores (Target, Walmart, Walgreens) for $6.99.