AfrikanLatina writes:

Hey curlies!

Prior to beginning my natural hair journey, my hunny and I began making other lifestyle changes to live healthier lives and help the planet. We stopped eating beef, pork, and dairy, and also cut out (most of) the junk food! We also began recycling to cut back on the amount of “garbage” being added to the landfill. My question for you curlies is:

What changes in addition to wearing your hair naturally have you made to live a healthier life or help the planet?

A few things that I do/did are:

  • Reusing old pesto jars and hummus containers to mix & store my homemade conditioners, whipped shea butter, and Bentonite clay masks in.
  • We use cloth diapers for our son.
  • When I ran out of plastic caps for deep conditioning a week ago I used one of the bags that you put your produce in at the grocery store. It worked great!