Hillerie writes:

Hi CurlyNikki Community!

I’m finally learning how to work this natural hair thing. Lately, I’ve been rocking a Bantu Twist- Out. This is done by twisting the hair (big chunks) and then wrapping each twist around itself into a knot. They end up looking like little meatballs, but the result is a gorgeous twisty roller set!

What do you think?

I usually twist my hair on Friday night and let it air dry all day Saturday. If you try this, make sure to carefully untwist the sections to avoid the frizzies.

I’ve been wearing knot-outs for a couple of months, so I recently decided to switch it up.

How do you like these apples?!

I was getting micro-twists, so I condition-washed and blew out my hair. I originally poofed it to be funny, and everyone thought it was the business, so I rocked the fro all day. It was sparkling like a disco ball. The fro was so huge it made me laugh, I loved it–gotta do it again!

What have you done to your hair lately? Tried anything new?

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