Heeeeeyy Nikki!!

I wanted to share some of our wedding day photos…not a straight hair in sight (at least on my head), LOL.

We got married on July 3, 2010 in an evening ceremony at The Newton White Mansion in Mitchellville, Maryland. Like a lot of natural soon to be brides, I went nearly cross-eyed over what to do with my hair. I never considered straightening it but I wanted it “styled” in some sort of fashion so I scoured the internet looking for natural haired brides or styles that I could do up with my curls.

I’d finally decided to get my hair done in two strand flat twists into a side bun when one day sitting at home getting ready for my engagement photos I’d smoothed my hair up into a simple puff and EUREKA and said to myself, “Self…why not wear my puff and add a lil somethin’ to it?” Hmmmm, LOL. So fast forward 3 months and it’s the week of the wedding; I did a trial run with my birdcage veil and still something was missing so I thought a flower would do it but nope, too much, then I spied some baby’s breath on the kitchen table and VOILA…perfect.

The morning of, all I did was spritz my hair until it was damp with diluted Organix Cocomilk Conditioner added a little castor oil, smoothed it up into a puff, tied it down with my scarf and got my make-up done; after I got my make-up done, I took my scarf down, added fresh baby’s breath to my hair and that was that :). I felt confident, happy and beautiful…the way a bride should feel on her wedding day. When I walked out with my mom, my husband cracked a huge smile, nodded and mouthed “beautiful.”

Thanks for reading my story, hopefully it can show that even the most simple puff can be elegant :).