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Curly Nikki

Who Rocked the Red Carpet at the BET Awards?

By January 27th, 202153 Comments

Who Rocked the Red Carpet at the BET Awards? writes:

July 27th BET hosted its 10th annual BET Awards. The award ceremony honors singers, actors and athletes in the Black community. The stars were out and about and several of them wore their natural hair and others rocked curly ‘dos! From the pre-show reception, to the red carpet and various performances, see the rundown of the celebrities who dared to curl or wave.

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Nik’s thoughts:

-Long live Kanye! Although he’s just as angry as ever, his performance was dope. Love the song and his swag… glad he’s back. POWER!

-Queen Latifah was doing the most. Not feeling it.

-Chris Brown should win an Oscar for his dramatic rendition of ‘Man in the Mirror’… I’m not buying it. Those tears were not for Michael. Maybe I’m just hating…

-Jermaine’s hair was boo-boo.

-Prince was a trip! I’ve never seen an honoree throw such shade… he was cutting eyes and making faces. Hilarious! I love him!

-I realized that I’m an El Debarge Fan… loved every song he performed, some of which I didn’t know were his
. He’s aged well.

-Esperanza Spalding and Janelle Monae looked amazingly fierce! I immediately contacted Esperanza’s people and have an interview set up for August when she returns from Europe 🙂


  • Anonymous says:

    I think it's pretty messed up how people are like Chris Brown needs forgiveness. He does, but not from us, from God. What he did to Rhianna was a major turn off for me and people who say to just "move on" especially women who say it, saddens me. It saddens me because I know for a fact that if it were some of these women who said we should all just "move on" and it was a "mistake" in the same situation they would be trying to put him in prison, hell, try to get him on death row for hitting them. They would never have forgiven him and they wouldn't have brushed it off like it was nothing. Whether Chris is sincere or not, we may never know. It's horrible what he did, but I think I'm starting to be more shocked at the hypocrisy of some people. He didn't even get jail time. This is just showing men that if you hit a women all you'll get is a slap on the wrist. Domestic violence isn't something to be put down lightly because it can lead to other things. He could've killed her, but yet people have failed to see that. I bet if he had killed her you all would've said the same thing. "Oh he killed her? Well, we should just move on. It was only a mistake." Wow.

  • Anonymous says:

    Chris's performance was awesome! I don't know him, but from his interview with Larry King I don't think he is mature enough to be able to emotionally deal with handle what he did and the outcome. That said, I think he just had a minor break down…and Lloyd did clarify that he didn't instruct him to cry, but encourage Chris to be vulnerable on stage…cry, show emotion, whatever…

    Prince was the real comedian!

    Trey— what happened homie!?

    J. Monelle—wasn't feeling it!

    Alicia— one word – DELUSIONAL…I think most people know the deal if Swizz got a divorce 1 or 2 months ago and you're five months pregnant.

    Diddy— the only "artist" I know who can start a band, break them up into a smaller band, then turn them into back-up dancers. WTH!

    Taraji— your hood pass will never be revoked, so you don't have to work so hard to keep it.

    Nicky Minage(sp)— I have no words!

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm saddened to see all the unforgiveness with regards to Chris Brown. He was wrong for putting his hands on Ri, but we all are wrong for something and want forgiveness. Even if it were done to me or my family I may not like what was done but who am I not to forgive, especially when I pray for forgiveness daily…..heck by the minute! LOL Not to mention how are we so quick to embrace R.Kelly after "allegedly" having sex with minor and urinating on her??

    Anyway Prince was funny as heck, but disappointed that he didn't perform. Patti embarrassed me to no end! I love her but she was so off point with that performance.

    El Debarge was great, The Queens first performance was okay, everything else was not necessary. Overall CB stole the show!!!

  • beadgyrl says:

    I loved Jaden's curly fro, he is such a little cutie. Kudos to El Debarge and Prince, they are both still fine and sexy after all these years. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I hated Jada and Willow's hair. I'm all for children expressing themselves but if you saw a "regular" child walking down the street with that hair, there would be all kind of comments made about her mother's parenting skills.
    With regards to Chris Brown….I think that those tears were both for MJ as well as himself. He has been through a lot and it's not up to myself or anyone else to judge him. Only he and the man above know what's in his heart.
    I love Prince and was saddened by the tribute to him. The only person in my eyes that did him any justice was Patti Labelle.

  • Anonymous says:

    I usually don't comment that much, but honestly I do believe his tears were REAL. You cant fake those tears AND the snot. He couldn't control it. I also believe we should forgive him, although its not our forgiveness he needs..its gods. But I feel he received that a long time ago so just move on. Also remember it takes two to tango so Rihanna had some part into that situation. Im not a fan of BET due to their double-standards, but I did watch it and it has been better compared to these last few years. I love how jada lets her kids express themselves. I also saw prince cutting his eyes and his crazy facial expressions LOL and lets not get on nicki minaj lol but anyway the awards gets a B from me.

  • Angie says:

    Co-sign on everything, except Queen Latifah, I love her and she can do no wrong in my eyes, lol! Also, the song "Man in the Mirror" brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it, and I think the song was chosen to pull on the heartstrings of the audience and re-direct that emotion toward Chris Brown. I don't bad about him one way or the other, but looking objectively, yes it was very CONTRIVED.

  • Anonymous says:

    Idk if I missed it but I would love a Janelle Monae interview!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow all of you are some hating ass, catty ass bitches. Go get a life please and then maybe some one will give a fuck what you have to say. Kthxbai.

  • Anonymous says:

    El and Esparanza stole the show in my opinion. Overall the show was well done.

    Jada and her kids looked awful. I don't know what has happened to her (besides aging) but she looks like she has had some sort of plastic surgery on her face. She looks very hard. In terms of the hair, not a good look. Jaden's hair is gorgeous, and Willow……what can you say? What ever happened to kids looking like kids?

  • Anonymous says:

    What is your source of this "news" gossip columns. Seriously people we are not chris brown we do not know what he was feeling and who he was crying for maybe it was mj that was his idol maybe hit was himself, maybe it was for rhianna you dont know. But i have seen chris brown act in a movie he's not that great so for him to go from average acting to oscar worthy in a couple years seems far fetched. And no one here is saying forget what he did but they are saying he is young he can change people make mistakes it is actually possible for people to change.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry, Chris Brown's tears were BEYOND fake and for a show. Slowly the news is coming out about how it was all staged – Lloyd recently told rap-up he actually advised Brown to cry at his performance. I don't see how ANYONE in their right mind could have believed it. I mean, if you're gonna wail, what is the need for all the 'throw ya hands to the sky' that Chris did? Acting! He is trying to win synmpathy. Personally, I don't feel that he should win ANY award because is acting wasn't believable, LOL, or else I would have believed it! I saw right thru him. EVerything about that Man in the Mirror spiel was fake, fake, fake, and I only wish Rihanna had been there to see it. For sure they would have panned the camera to show her reaction…

  • GASP Nail Art says:

    i cant stand kanye his performance was way to boring to be opening the show with. i thought chris brown was good i dont think the crying was for micheal but for himself and how he realized that its time for a change for him.

  • Karyn says:

    i hate how everyone is all "omg chris brown was just crying for himself" he was probably crying for him AND mj. hasn't mj been accused of molesting children?! i love how all is forgiven now that he's dead. personally, i think chris brown should be given another chance. people make mistakes. give him a break, jeez. he's super young and talented

    with that being said, i didn't even bother to watch the ebt awards. i only saw chris brown's performance online

  • Anonymous says:

    I think in my opionion that Ms. Pattie and Chris brown just stole the show I hope everybody would get over the whole rhianna drama he is young and people do make hes not the first and definaltly want b the last and I did believe the tears they were for Mike and him I just wish people would let him get on wit his career and life rhianna has but so many people just keep judging,anyway Queen Latifa did a Ok job overall it wasn't the best award show but it was ok I wished Prince would of performed though overall it will do

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi, Nikki!
    Off-topic, but:
    You've snagged the BEST interviews; I can't wait to read Esperanza's! Gorgeous woman, beautiful head of hair & sweet spirit.
    NOW: if you could swing it, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Corrine Bailey Rae on The Couch! Her hair is amazing, & her talent is unmatched. You would be my virtual BFF for life, lol! Think you can get her? I know you can, lol! 🙂

    naturaldancer ~ candice

  • Mikkimu says:

    I don't watch BET, but I recorded the award show to see Prince. I was disappointed that he didn't perform though.

    Esperanza Spalding was beautiful as always!

    El Debarge still sounds great.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with anonymous "Jen" Alicia Keys is having a baby with someone else's husband and that's not being red flagged cuz she was wrong for that….both swiss and a.keys are dead wrong.

    I wasnt Feeling Queen L either…LOVE her 2 death just not as the BET awards host.

    El Debarge… You GO BOY! he Rocked tha house! I was just sangin loud and proud!

    Tarji & Diddy's after party – HOT MESS! Wasted an hour of my time!

    Jada/Kids…hmmm no comment – to each his own.

    LOVED TYRESE'S performance – Trey take notes.

    Lastly, I think chris brown tears/emotions were very REAL. Man in mirror is an emotional type sone anyway and i think the song spoke to him on a personal level because it starts with him, the man in the mirror. I honestly think he really wants to make a turn around but so many keep rehashing. All of us have flaws some are more major than others. Bottom line, no one should put their hands on another person man nor woman. YES He was DEAD wrong, and Ms. Ri Ri also had a part in this very destructive relationship. They both need spiritual assistance from God's Word the bible to truly be better men and women for the next relationship. With God all things are possible and with HIS help people can and have changed.

  • ZoeAaralyn says:

    @Jennae I totally agree with you. Even Jay Z has his dirt. We can also not forget that Michael Jackson himself has made mistakes in his life and has been alleged of committing terrible acts. Even though those alleged facts were proven false, we cannot only look at the incident that was comitted. There is a story behind every action that was committed. We cannot only look at the actions but look at lives of the people that committed the action.

    Chris Brown grew up with a step-father who abused his mother. For me, for Chris Brown to have layed hands on Rihanna, knowing in the back of his mind that if he risked hurting her, everyone would know about it, there must have been something deep going on with the both of them prior to the incident. Abuse is also a learned behavior.

    I am not trying to give excuses for Chris's actions, but just give light to the fact that everyone makes mistakes everyday. I personally think Chris Brown is a good kid, and if we dont stop abusing him with our words and constant blaming then we will never give him the ability to truly heal from his mistakes. Another thing, we always rank the sins of this world [while its understandable why we see some sins as worse than others] God sees all sins as the same. To Him, telling a white lie and murder is all the same to Him.

    I loved his tribute, it was both talent-filled and sincere, as well as well overdue. Well that is just my two cents.

    On the other hand I cannot wait for the Esperanza interview, I loved her whole look on the stage.

  • Anonymous says:

    oemgee i LOVE kanye! is there a link to his performance?

  • puff says:

    as far as chris brown goes… to quote questlove: you can fake tears, but you can't fake snot.

    maybe this is to do with my personal experience vis-a-vis domestic violence, but i think he deserves to be forgiven. people make mistakes and do messed up things all the time, and while what he did to rihanna was unacceptable, i think it's sad that we live in a society so cynical that we refuse to believe that people can truly feel remorse for their actions and strive to change. more importantly: it's not my place to forgive him – that's with rihanna and God.

    prince KILLED it – full stop. and all the ladies who paid him tribute shut it down.

    el debarge was definitely going above and beyond the call of duty – as was queen latifah – but i loved it anyway.

    and kanye was great, red suit and all.

  • Jennae says:

    It makes me laugh to hear so many people say Chris Brown's tears weren't for Michael. SO WHAT if they weren't for Michael? Man in the Mirror is a song that can make ANY person tear up on a regular day because it is so powerful. Even if he was only crying for himself, it makes sense given the context and the things he has gone through over the past year or so. He know it is all his own fault and that probably hit home for him as he was trying to sing that song. That coupled with the fact that he has long said Michael is one of his idols make me believe that the tears were real — the result of a bunch of built up emotion.

    I also don't condone what he did to Rihanna, but painting him as a woman beater for the rest of his life won't ever give him the room to change. There are a LOT of other celebrities who have beat up women, and we still love them. Hell, for that matter — so many people still buy R. Kelly's records. If nothing else, I just hope Chris has learned from this. Only God can truly forgive him, and only God knows whether he will ever do it again.

  • beautywithcurls says:

    @I Am Your People Thank You Thank You!!

    I Only Think I'll Wait For Age 13 For My Daughter To Get A Mohawk Because I Like 13 Being The Age To Do More Things, LOL The Intro To The Teenage Years. It's Not The Law Though Because They Will Always Have Room To Convince Me Or Maybe I Might Feel Different By The Time They Decide They Want To Shave Their Sides, Bcuz I Was That Kid Who want To Cut Her Hair All The Time. I Wanted The Back Of My Hair Shaved Like Halle Berry And My Mom Would Let Me Cut It To A Certain Point But Never Shave It. That's Why If They Can Give Me A Few Examples Of How They Will Style Their Hair Once They Don't Want It Anymore Or When Grows Out I May Let Them Do It. I Didn't Turn Out Bad And My Hair Still Grows, LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    Also, I don't feel celebrities have any duty to me to apologize. Therefore, I have nothing to forgive. Forgiveness is for the person who was harmed. I am not harmed, as his actions are not impacting me. Just because he is a public figure/celebrity does not mean that he has any obligation to me. It's not that personal. Just saying.


  • Anonymous says:

    This is Shelli again. I really should set up a profile.

    Anywho, I didn't really watch the entire awards show, but I wasn't feeling Jada's hair (looked like it was far too tight and made her look like she recently had a face lift) nor her outfit. Just looked ridiculous too me and as if she was attempting to channel Lady Gaga. That is never good.

    As to Chris Brown, I'm with you Nikki. I'm not buying it. I was not particularly a fan before the incident, nor am I now. Regardless, it has nothing to do with me and he has to live with his decisions and actions. What I will say is this. Abusers often apologize after abuse, tell the person how much they love them, how sorry they are, how they'll never do it again, etc. Then, something sets them off and they do it again. Perhaps this will not occur here. However, time will tell. Also, to me, his tears do not necessarily connote sorrow for his actions. They seem more like self pity because his actions caused him to fall so low and be despised by many. It seems to me that the tears might be selfish. However, again, that's just my perspective but, ultimately, what I suspect is irrelevant. He is the only one who knows what's within and must confront his own demons, whatever they may be.

  • Jae Manolo says:

    YES! Nikki, I was going to ask you to interview Esperanza! I'm so glad that the interview is going to happen! =)

  • Anonymous says:

    I liked Chris Brown's performance. And i think that when he was singing Man in the mirror, i dont think he was crying for MJ, i think that song touched home with him (changing his ways). He made a mistake, we all have made mistakes and ask God for forgiveness. He forgives us, so who are we not to forgive. Matthew 18:21-22,

    21 Then Peter came to him and asked, “Lord, how often should I forgive someone[a] who sins against me? Seven times?”
    22 “No, not seven times,” Jesus replied, “but seventy times seven![b

  • Niqui36 says:

    I loved Chris Brown's performance and I thought his tears were sincere….and not an act. And I don't think his whole life should be over because he made mistakes with Rihanna.
    El Debarge was great!
    Prince had me cracking up with his faces…and I don't blame him one bit!
    Queen Latifah wasn't too funny but I did like the skit with TI.
    Alicia Keyes performed great but the sexy was a little over the top. I kept wondering why is she doing all that? lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    I will be the 50 million person to say yes move on from the Chris Brown incident. God teaches forgiveness and to learn from your mistakes which is what he did when he hit that girl, it was a mistake. God does not teach us to condemn a person for life. I have a husband, a brother, a son and two grandson's. Chris is not damaged goods yet, but if he keeps being hated on for 1 mistake we may damage him. Unfortunately my brother hit my mother when he was in his late teens, he was put out of the home to go live with my father. After a year of living with my father my mother allowed my brother to move back home with her, it never happened again. My brother is still remorseful for that to this day. He has moved on though and is a honest hard working black man. Our family is strong we have moved on and we don't harp on it. Hate is not good for the mind or soul. His performance was very sincere to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    I thought Jada looked great. Fit and fabulous, but I'm starting to believe the rumors about her alleged cheek implants. There IS something different about her face and it's not just make-up and shading when you compare older photos and newer photes. She does look cheekier, but then she's part of Hollywood and lots of people get plastic surgery.

  • Tina says:

    Congrats on securing the Esperanza Spalding interview! Yay!! Her hair is always FIERCE! She's such a great performer (saw her live not too long ago) and I'm glad she's reviving jazz for the younger generation. Can't wait until August. 🙂

  • Unknown says:

    El Debarge killed it! After Michael and Janet, I love me some Debarge. I was shocked and amazed when El came to the stage sounding better than ever. I can still remember the moment I first heard All This Love.

  • Anonymous says:

    Chris will still be successful either way it goes! People need to stop with the hate and learn how to let go, especially when it didn't happen to you. That is another thing that all communities have a problem with-FORGIVENESS! That is why there is so much hate and turmoil in the world. Let's stop judging and be more positive.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with pretty much everything you said. Except I was feeling Queen Latifah for the most part. And I've been an El Debarge fan forever because one of his superfans helped raise me. I was so glad to see he still has his pipes after all the drama. Being a Prince fan, I couldn't expect anything less from him regarding those faces. Also, I love Trey Songz, but he definitely had a bad night.

  • Anonymous says:

    I forgive Chris, and he did nothing to me. The most important thing is that as long as Chris receives forgiveness from the God he serves, he really doesn't need my forgiveness anyway….or anyone else's for that matter. As we all know, there are 3 sides to every story: yours, mine, and the truth.

    I wasn't a fan of Jada's hair, but as long as she likes it!

    Agree on Queen Latifah. I felt as if the show was all over the place. Prince brought the true comedy. Trey Songz deserved the side eye Prince gave him.

    K. Dawn

  • I Am Your People says:

    I just find it ironic that people threw shade at Chris Brown, but welcomed back El DeBarge, who has several beaten women under his belt

  • Alaina says:

    lol @ anonymous ('jen')
    the skeletons in my closet sure aren't women that have been beaten.

    too often the world (and especially the black community) lets black men get away with beating black women. and it's NOT OKAY. and no, i will never forgive chris brown or think of him the same way. even if he only serves as an example to other black men that beating women is not okay … then at least something was accomplished.

  • Anonymous says:

    I really liked the BET awards this year. I thought they had some good surprises and yes some parts could have been a little better(Tre singing purple rain) but all in all it was good. I hate that everyone has put so much focus on Chris Brown crying and saying he wasn't for real. I think his emotions were very much real, but only he knows his struggles. I was a high school teacher for 4 years and one thing that I noticed with younger folks they don't know how to have a relationship, especially our young women. I would often speak to them about being violent toward their BFs and explained that one day things would go to far and they would end up hurt and want to press charges. I think this is the same thing with Rhinna and Chris. None of us know their situationa and what happened, but it is important to teach our kids howto respect each other and to have meaningful relationships. No one is perfect and have all made mistakes, Lord knows I have in my 30 years on this Earth. But it is up to that person to seek forgiveness from God and to change their ways for the better. Besides we all condemning Chris, but no one dare say anything about Alicia Keys having a baby with a someone else's husband. I love Alicia, but she is wrong as well. Sometimes as women we bash our men so much that they never have a chance to recover, but overlook our girlfriend when she is doing wrong. I myself can't pass judgement on anyone because I know during the times that I was out doing my dirt I would die if people were constantly criticizing me.


  • Anonymous says:

    Not trying to start anything and yes everyone is entitled to their oppinion. However, the negative comments on CB is ridiculous. I would love to see the skeleton's in your closet. Whatever it is, how would you like it if everything that you did in the past, even if you are not that person anymore, affects your career, money, image. Seriously, people need to get over it! Nobody truely knows what happened that night in the car. And yes he is very wrong for putting his hands on her, but people move on! Nobody is perfect, not even you!

  • Marissa says:

    yay!! on the esperanza spalding interview, can't wait. i'm feeling willow's hair, i think it's cool that they let her express herself at such a young age. also, chris brown, totally wasn't feeling it, whether or not the tears were for MJ, i doubt it seriously, i am all for forgiving but don't play me with false/over exaggerated emotion.

  • Jazz Stanton (The Date Experiment) says:

    I really wasn't feeling Jada's hair. I always love Jaden's though. Janelle Monae… that's my girl, she is SO talented. I have been following her for a couple years now. She doesn't get NEARLY enough publicity and I donb't understand why because I believe she is with Bad Boy? What's going on Diddy?, Support my girl! I love her funky hairstyle, so Retro-chic! Esperanza Spalding…her hair is AMAZING. I'll be looking forward to that interview.

  • J. Bella says:

    I love how people think we should just let the fact that Chris Brown beat a woman…that's really funny because if it was them or their family I don't think they'd feel that way. And yes he is talented but hell yes what he did should affect his career regardless his performanceand sucked he barely sung and then add insult to injury put out that song dueces…no Im not buying it either. Jade and her kids looked amazing. I love the freedom she allows them to have I know some people said they would wait to a certain age but I don't see what difference it makes when we'll braid our kids hair in the same style. Its hair it grows back. Queen and Mr Songs were tragic. El Debarge is fine and soooo talented Prince is priceless as always

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki you are too funny! I don't like the contouring of the face or whatever Jada has going on, seen it a few places. It's not a good look in my opinion. I missed Kanye will catch it later, but Queen needed to go sit down somewhere! Felt the same about Taraji and Diddy during the after party were they drunk or something? Hmm! I don't think Chris was putting n. I think the emotion from all the hate, coupled with the fact that BET would not let him peform last year after all the mess really reigned down on him this year. "Sources" say Rihana was the cause of much of the turmoil in their relationship, but he refused to speak out on what she did, even though it was wrong of him to HIT her she did some things to him. I don't condone men or women hitting each other, but enough is enough, I think society should let him move on! They took ole R Kelly back and others. I think he was just caught up on stage with all that had gone on, thats all.

    Jermaine needs to pay me a visit:) lol Uhm El Debarge still luvs him sam them years ago at the local mall in my hometown! Jonell Monae- wasnt feeling the seizure type movement all around the stage:) She looked cute though, as usual. Now Esperanza, love her! She rocks! I can co-assist with the interview OR just be in the room or on he call, lmbo:)

    By the way how is baby girl doing? Still having contractions? Any day now?

  • justicenga says:

    I don't think Chris Brown's tears were for MJ…I think they were real for him. Man in the Mirror is a powerful song. Chris hasn't been well received in quite some time. I think the fact that the crowd seemed VERY supportive combined with the awesome performance he gave and EMOTIONAL nature of the song caused the tears to flow. As far as I'm concerned, he did what he did has been punished for it so let's move on. I'm not here to judge and I wish other would stop as well.

  • Anonymous says:

    I liked Chris Brown's performance. I hope that one day people will stop judging him for his past mistakes and let him live. Nobody is perfect! And I am pretty sure that he has grown from his mistakes. He is ubberly talented, which everyone was reminded of during his MJ tribute this past weekend.

    As for Jada Pinket, I have always loved her. I, also, love the way that she allows her children to express themeselves through fashion. However, I did not like her outfit. Her rompers were too short and inapropriate.

    Trey Songs isn't talented…Period!

  • shea_nicole says:

    The performances were the best i have ever seen on bet and i NEVER watch bet. Just one quick point i want to make. I dont understand why so many people believe chris brown was putting on a show, celebrities are people too and they also have feelings and emotions just like we do. YES he did something horrible but he is young and he CAN actually change let time tell but dont just rule the kid out like he will forever beat women. And boys cry too ease up on the hate a little bit.

  • beautywithcurls says:

    I Really Adore Willow Smith's Haircut On Her..It Really Is Ok To Cut Your Daughter's Hair If She Wants To It's Just Hair It Will Grow Back. Lot's Of Other Cultures Do Cut Their Little Girls Hair Short Usually In Bobs Not Mohawks But Everyone Is Different.I'm Glad Jada Supports Her..Would I Shave My Sides Maybe Not, But My Hair Has Been Cut Thousands Of Times. I Personally Would Have Waited Until She's 13 For My Daughter If She Wants A Mohawk, But I Would Still Let Her Cut It In Another Style…We Really Need To Stop Being So Attached To Hair, My Childhood Was Filled With Haircuts.

    I Love Prince's Reactions And El Debarge Was Great…I Really Hope Society Will Stop Judging Chris Brown For His Stupid Mistakes He Is Human But They Need To Stop Messing With The Boy's Career They Wouldn't Let Him In Europe That's Crazy! Yes He Was Totally Wrong But Everyone Deserves Forgiveness.

  • Southernbellebronxtale says:

    chris brown stole my heart out of all the interviews and everything he did on him and ReRe I felt him the most with his M.J. performence I like he again but I dont know If I will buy and album. Jada and the kids were cute and as for Prince he was throwing some shade and miss Patti Labelle give my chills she is almost 70 and still sounds the same and looks great

  • Anonymous says:

    I believe some of Chris Brown's tears were for MJ but most of them were for himself. The song was to him, he needs to start with the man in the mirror and change his past ways.

    As for El Debarge, I am so happy to see him after seeing "Unsung" on television. I wish him the best.

    Prince is an amazingly talent man. He is who he is and I give him much respect as an artist.

  • Janique says:

    I definitely have to agree on the Chris Brown part. I felt he was being over the top. It was an elaborate plot to get us to feel sympathy for him and draw us away from what he did to Rihanna.

  • DvaAuNaturel says:

    Okay now I have to watch. Not a BET fan so didn't see the show but I'm hearing so much buzz my curiosity is piqued.

    By the way, you're pretty dope yourself…lol! You're snagging all kind of celebrity interviews. I'll be looking forward to Esperanza Spaulding.

  • Alicia says:

    Trey's performance was garbage. I can't believe he ruined Purple Rain like that. Prince's faces were priceless!

    Why was Alicia Keys trying to be all sexy? I think she did more in her pregnant performance than she's ever done not pregnant. It was just a bit much, and I'm sure the audience got an eyeful with that short little dress too!

  • Beads, Braids & Beyond says:

    I thought Jada and the kids looked cute. I liked how mom had a similar style to her daughter. I felt like she did that because they have probably received a lot of negative attention from her daughter's hair style so she really wanted to support her. I wouldn't let my young daughter shave the sides of her head, but to each their own. Always love Jaden's hair.

    I thought Chris Brown did a good job. I was torn on the tears. Wasn't sure if they were real or fake or if they were really meant for MJ. I mean I can kind of see how he would be brought to tears in that moment with everything going on and MJ passing. I believe he looked up to MJ, I think I recall him doing a small tribute years ago at the MTV awards.

    Omg. Prince, I was dying! LOL!!! Love him. How about the face he gave when Trey started singing Purple Rain?? lol. I thought the Prince tribute could have been a little better. Maybe a little longer.

    I'm totally with you on El Debarge. Loved every performane!

    Can't wait to read the interview.

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