I was once riding on the bus and a guy started talking to me. Eventually the conversation led to him playing guessing games about my personality type. “Let me guess. You listen to Neo Soul. John Legend. Alicia Keys, Musiq Soulchild…..” he went on.

I rolled my eyes. Did he think that because of my hair and my clothes? One too many people have said I give off that neo soul look.

“I do listen to them. But I also listen to Citizen Cope, the New Pornographers, Aimee Mann, and Rilo Kiley to name a few. And my favorite genre is Country and IndieRock.”

He just smiled. “Okay, I can see that. You have that progressive free-thinker type vibe going on. I bet you write poetry too.”

“I do. But I write other stuff too like short stories, creative nonfiction essays and my specialty is one act plays.” I said.

“I can see that my sista,” he said. I rolled my eyes again. Just because he was black and I was black didn’t imply anything. I might have more in common culturally, spiritually, economically, and socially with the elder white women sitting across from us. He sensed my frustration.

“Ok. There is one thing I can peg about you and there will be no denying it.” he said.

“What ever!” I said.

“I know your favorite Starbucks drink!” he said. I looked at him doubtful. “Caramel Macchiato. And you are probably one of those chicks that ask for it upside down.”

“That’s only because it gives the caramel a chance to really mix with the drink!” I said smiling and laughing.

This happened years ago. Long before Mr. Officer. I think I even went out on a date with him. We went out to coffee and to a poetry reading. Not sure what made me think of this today. Maybe my third trip to Starbucks. But it made me smile.