Meet Bianca… loving her natural hair and converting everyone around her!

Hi Nikki!

My name is Bianca and I’ve finally decided to get on the couch! I love your site and I think it’s awesome to have such a wonderful community!

I’ve never known my natural hair, or at least I can’t remember. I know that I had a relaxer by the time I was five because I can remember doing hair shows with bone straight hair. Growing up I thought this was how it was supposed to be. Everyone did it! I loved wearing my hair in curly roller sets but never imagined having a head full of natural curls. I thought the only way to achieve this look was to do a rod set, straw set, some kind of roller set.

I was really vain about my hair. In the shop every week, the moment I felt new growth I was ready to get a touch-up. My hair was considered to be “healthy”. I did everything I was supposed to do, but unfortunately it never grew pass my shoulders. My boyfriend got me to thinking about my hair- – it got to the point where my hair was more important to me then our time together. I couldn’t sweat it out, I couldn’t get it wet…I couldn’t do anything for that matter.
My mom decided to go natural a few years ago. Once I saw her hair I made the decision to go natural myself. I didn’t have a clue on what to do or how to do it. I transitioned for 6 months and then I did the big chop on December 24, 2009. My big chop was an impromptu decision- – after I took my braids out, I couldn’t take the two textures, plus I was impatient so I chopped it all off! That was a huge step for me, I had never worn my hair short. I didn’t know what it would look like… if my head was too big… if I had the “face” for short hair, but I just went for it! I never looked back and I have no regrets! Well almost no regrets- – my only regret was waiting so late in life to go natural! My family and boyfriend were very supportive. I’ve converted my sister in-law, my best friend and my sister!
If you’re thinking about going natural, it is a liberating experience, especially if you’ve worn a relaxer all of your life. But, it’s a decision that you have to make for you and only you. Do your research and know that your hair is like no other! Your hair is a special gift that comes from God, treat it with care, love your hair, and take care of it!

I’m so glad I did it! It has been the best decision I ever made and everyday I find myself getting more and more excited as it grows. I love my hair!!

Happily Natural,

My current Regimen
Shampoo: Trader Joes Tea Tree
Conditioner: Trader Joes Tea Tree, Oyin Handmade
Moisturizer: KBB’s Hair Milk, Bee Mine Luscious Balance Cream, KBB’s hair butter, castor oil
Deep Conditioner: Jessicurl’s Weekly Deep Conditioner
Wash-n-go’s: KCCC
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