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Curly Nikki

On the Couch With Bianca

By January 27th, 202111 Comments
Meet Bianca… loving her natural hair and converting everyone around her!

On the Couch With Bianca
Hi Nikki!

My name is Bianca and I’ve finally decided to get on the couch! I love your site and I think it’s awesome to have such a wonderful community!

I’ve never known my natural hair, or at least I can’t remember. I know that I had a relaxer by the time I was five because I can remember doing hair shows with bone straight hair. Growing up I thought this was how it was supposed to be. Everyone did it! I loved wearing my hair in curly roller sets but never imagined having a head full of natural curls. I thought the only way to achieve this look was to do a rod set, straw set, some kind of roller set.

I was really vain about my hair. In the shop every week, the moment I felt new growth I was ready to get a touch-up. My hair was considered to be “healthy”. I did everything I was supposed to do, but unfortunately it never grew pass my shoulders. My boyfriend got me to thinking about my hair- – it got to the point where my hair was more important to me then our time together. I couldn’t sweat it out, I couldn’t get it wet…I couldn’t do anything for that matter.
On the Couch With BiancaOn the Couch With BiancaMy mom decided to go natural a few years ago. Once I saw her hair I made the decision to go natural myself. I didn’t have a clue on what to do or how to do it. I transitioned for 6 months and then I did the big chop on December 24, 2009. My big chop was an impromptu decision- – after I took my braids out, I couldn’t take the two textures, plus I was impatient so I chopped it all off! That was a huge step for me, I had never worn my hair short. I didn’t know what it would look like… if my head was too big… if I had the “face” for short hair, but I just went for it! I never looked back and I have no regrets! Well almost no regrets- – my only regret was waiting so late in life to go natural! My family and boyfriend were very supportive. I’ve converted my sister in-law, my best friend and my sister!
On the Couch With BiancaIf you’re thinking about going natural, it is a liberating experience, especially if you’ve worn a relaxer all of your life. But, it’s a decision that you have to make for you and only you. Do your research and know that your hair is like no other! Your hair is a special gift that comes from God, treat it with care, love your hair, and take care of it!

I’m so glad I did it! It has been the best decision I ever made and everyday I find myself getting more and more excited as it grows. I love my hair!!
On the Couch With BiancaOn the Couch With Bianca

Happily Natural,

My current Regimen
Shampoo: Trader Joes Tea Tree
Conditioner: Trader Joes Tea Tree, Oyin Handmade
Moisturizer: KBB’s Hair Milk, Bee Mine Luscious Balance Cream, KBB’s hair butter, castor oil
Deep Conditioner: Jessicurl’s Weekly Deep Conditioner
Wash-n-go’s: KCCC
You kind find me on youtube:


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  • Anonymous says:

    The hair in the last pic is ADORABLE – you should do a quick tutorial on that one! :)Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Bianca says:

    I big chopped in 2008, sorry about that! Thanks for taking the time to read my story!!

    @Queenodthe4s the last picture is a flat twist out….I'm really trying to experiment with more styles too!!

  • Queenofthe4s says:

    Love that fro and the set in the last pic! I have got to start trying different looks such as these now that my hair is getting longer.

    Kudos to you!

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice pics and nice story. There is one question though….Did you big chop in 2008 or 2009? The picture has a date of 2008 and the story says 2009. Thanks for sharing your story. you look very pretty.

  • Anonymous says:

    nevermind, now i can see them

  • Anonymous says:

    lol, i was about to say the same thing about the pictures…nice to know it aint my laptop

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    sorry ladies! it was only showing up in safari… the pics are working now 🙂

    If they're still not, let me know!

  • Anonymous says:

    pics are not showing up

  • Anonymous says:

    No…I can't either. Thought it was just me. Great story though…

  • Britt says:

    Am I the only one who can't see the pics……..

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