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Curly Nikki

On the Couch With DivaAngelic2

By January 27th, 20213 Comments
Meet Divaangelic2… a gorgeous natural who declares, ‘I’ve been ignoring the curls for all this time so it is their time to shine!’

On the Couch With DivaAngelic2Align LeftMy curls and I have had a love hate relationship since I was very young – still do sometimes although it’s getting better. Growing up my mother did not allow perms. AT ALL! But that didn’t mean she embraced my natural hair either. I got my press and curl every Saturday night, and wore it until I turned 18 (and she was still pressing it then). I recall the sizzling grease and wincing because as my momma put it – ‘you got hot hair’, meaning it holds heat, which subsequently transferred to my SCALP. I knew my natural hair was curly, but since my friends all had permed super straight tresses, my press and curl was a godsend. The only times when I really embraced the curls was during swim class in high school. No matter how many swim caps and shower caps I wore my hair still managed to get wet. I would wash it after swim class and throw it into a curly ponytail on top of my hair. All my friends were jealous of my ability to wash and go!

Fast forward to after graduation, and my running away from home (okay – eloping to Vegas and moving there). No mom to neither press and curl nor tell me I couldn’t perm. So off to get a perm I went. I thought it would be some big magical event. But with my scalp burning (and an inept stylist) I really didn’t get the freedom from the press and curl I thought I would. I would perm it every 3-4 months using PCJ (yep, kiddie perm). Even with the perm, I would still have to blow dry it to the extreme to get rid of the crinkles, and then flat iron it on top of that. It was a lot of work. I would even apply the perm to the entire length of my hair each time I touch up-ed. Terrible, terrible treatment.

So when did the change in my head occur? I think it was the year before last. I was taking a swim class (I STILL CAN’T SWIM, LOL) and doing lots of wash and wears. I noticed that my curls weren’t curling like normal. The final straw though was seeing my Christmas 2008 pictures. I saw my hair, but it looked TOO straight, too limp, too something. I think it was just not me.
On the Couch With DivaAngelic2I made up my mind right then that I wouldn’t perm again. I didn’t really make mention of it, nor did I BC – I am a chicken and have this attachment to hair that is slightly abnormal! LOL! Instead, I wore sew in’s for an entire year. With each take down, a little of the permed ends were trimmed off, and I could see ME emerging. March of this year, I made the decision to cut off the rest of the permed hair, and show off my natural hair. I am slowly learning not to have hair envy… although some days it’s hard. I am totally in love HE Totally Twisted shampoo and conditioner, and the Shea Moisture product line.

Reactions… hmmm. Mom doesn’t like it and NOW I finally get it. Most of my traits are my daddy’s. I look like him and act like him, and my hair is super coily like his. I think all that super straightening was a way to steal a little bit of me back to her… My mom’s hair has ZERO curl. None… not even a wave. So even today she doesn’t like it but I don’t let it bother me. She stopped commenting when she realized I was not going to go back to the perm regardless of what she thinks. My daughter who is 16 doesn’t like it super curly all the time. She would rather I straighten it. I figure I have my whole life to wear my hair straight. And I have been ignoring the curls for all this time so it is their time to shine. LITERALLY. BUT she has decided to go natural as well. Her hair is super curly and SUPER THICK – I think she would be your hair idol Nikki! Dear hubby LOVES it. He wore locks for 5 years and cut them back in October – wanted a change. But he loves playing in my curls, watching the coils he pulls on spring back to their super curly state. Even when I think I am having a ‘bad hair day’, he will marvel at it and tell me how much he loves it. That alone makes it all worth it!


transition style I wore for a whole year
On the Couch With DivaAngelic2
Natural Waves!

On the Couch With DivaAngelic2


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