Marinate on this…

What is actually within your control?

Many of us spend valuable time worrying and fretting over past, present and future situations. The truth of the matter is that there are only two things in the entire world within our control:

1. The way you choose to feel about yourself
2. Your behaviors and actions which are influenced by your feelings

That’s it! Not other people, not your kids (except when they’re little), and not how you’re treated by others. Knowing and owning this can be very freeing.

So let it go. Whatever is bothering you, whatever you’re worrying about… know that like other situations in the past, it’ll be resolved (and if it isn’t, you’re equipped to cope with it) and may even seem minor at a later date. Plus, worrying never fixes anything, it just leads to stress, depression, ulcers, and an un-ending cycle of anxiety. Take positive, constructive action and leave the worry behind.

A great quote:
Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday!

My Affirmations 7/22/2010:
-I am strong and brave. Many women before me have survived labor and I will too!
-I will be an excellent mother and an even better wife, daughter, sister and friend.
-I am beautiful inside and out.
-I am abundance. I am wealthy in all aspects of life.
-Thank you for my wonderful husband.
-Thank you for my health.
-Thank you for this wonderfully supportive community of women.


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