“Simplistic Living – Simplistic Hair”
by Sheena of Sheenalashay.com

A woman at work asked me why I didn’t wear my hair straight. I said ‘it doesn’t grow that way and I’m too lazy to make it do that’. She asked what I use in my hair to create the funky styles I wear. I said ‘hardly anything’. (The style in the picture is what I wore to a holiday party)

I used to religiously put an oil mixture in my hair everyday. Combo of olive oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba and god knows what else. My hair was moisturized but my skin took a beating! So I stopped. I could go bald, but I’d like my skin to be healthy. Now, I wash once a week, put some moisturizer in every few days and call it a day. With putting even less natural products in my hair…my hair is actually handling it better and my face.

I spoke with the woman from my job a little bit about hair. She told me her’s was wavy and that she flat ironed it everyday to keep it straight.

I realized at the end of that conversation which I’ve known of myself for quite awhile, is that what I seek is to live an authentic simple life. I want to be natural and organic..not just with hair but with every facet of my life. And being sustainable in your life, also makes for a more simple life and gives you time for things that actually matter.

I grow my own herbs instead of buying them most times. Why? Not because I’m on some granola soapbox of the benefits to the world in doing this. But because its simpler. That’s why I went natural. It’s why I purge my clothes a few times every year.

Everyone has their reasons. To each their own. What I look forward to is the day when we do away with this need for surface level BS and get to a point where we can just be…however we are.

I know one too many women who won’t go outside without makeup, without heels, without earrings, without that outfit…and it’s sad. But adorning ourselves and attributing worth to it has been pervasive in our world since the beginning of time. But who’s to say it has to always be that way.

Weigh in!