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Curly Nikki

Soul Train!- Decades of Hair Influence

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Soul Train!- Decades of Hair Influence
NaturallyCurly writes:

Where do we find our cultural influencers, see examples of who we are and get ideas of who we want to be? Today the answer is everywhere, but before we were bombarded from countless media sources, there was “Soul Train.” In the pre-DVR days of the early ’70s, Saturday afternoons were carefully choreographed around the broadcast of the “hippest trip in America”. The brain child of Chicago reporter Don Cornelius, the show was meant to fulfill his “burning desire to represent black people in a positive way,” a scenario that was sorely absent during the turbulent ’60s when most media images of black people were negative. In this mission the show was a huge success, giving America a more realistic glimpse of black culture and black people a sense of pride at being seen on the cutting edge of pop culture. Read more!

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