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Curly Nikki

Transitioning Hair Style- Twists

By January 27th, 202117 Comments

NaturallyU writes:

Transitioning Hair Style- Twists
I have been transitioning to natural for well over a year now. I had considered chopping just to wear two strand twists when an idea hit me. Why can’t I two strand now and just use perm rods on the relaxed portion of my hair?? It would save me from having to do a huge chop and I could just keep gradually trimming my relaxed hair. I’m loving this style and it should help me in my goal to be a long term transitioner. Hopefully you can add this to your list of transitioning styles too!

Transitioning Hair Style- TwistsTransitioning Hair Style- Twists


  • Anonymous says:

    i love your hair. I am 4 months into transitiong. My hair is soft & fine; I am growing out an inverted bob. Do you start twisting at the back or front? Do you but gel (or whatever product you use) only on the ends or do you put it on the entire strand/section of hair?

  • queensgirl says:

    Im 3 months in my transitioning. I had locs for five years and cut them off, now i want them back. I am wearing two stand twists momentarily. I dont know why the lady put twists in when i wanted locs.. I kinda like them, but another dilemma is that i do water aerobics 3x a week and once it gets wet its a wrap, i do wear a cap but that does not help. I retwist it I use loc gel clips and sit under the dryer until its crunchy. Now, im itching, I was told not to wash it for as long as i can stand it this is week 2 with no washing it is so dry Im using Seabreeze spray.. any suggestions.. sistah is in need of direction!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey cousin! Great to see you here showcasing your natural beauty! Like I told you before, I was amazed when I saw your hair in person…it's beautiful! Keep doing you 🙂

  • Jayme says:

    Your hair looks awesome! As your former stylist I thought I'd never see this day when you would be wearing twists. LOL I think all this natural stuff is just simply awesome. It shows so much essence. I'm wearing my afro but I have two different types of hair. The back and sides are very curly and the top of my head is more wavy and some straight. Oh the mutt that I am. LOL Any suggestions? You look good sis. Chavah

  • NaturallyU says:

    Thank you so much ladies. I prefer to twist on wet hair. I used kinky curly custard on the set that is pictured but I have also used aloe vera gel (fruit of the earth in Walmart or Target) in the past with similar results. For fullness of the twists I do not part with a comb. I just grab hair put on my gel and start twisting each section. : )

    Thanks Miss Tasha STL stand up. LOL

  • LB says:

    I love it!!! Do you twist while wet or do you blow dry? I think I'll be doing this tonight 🙂

  • Unknown says:

    It looks amazing Kristen! Keep it up!

  • Anonymous says:

    Love your twists. I have been transitioning for about a year and this is how I have been doing my hair for the past couple of weeks except I undo my twists for a twist and curl because my twists don't look full. How do you get yours to look so full? Do you do them on wet or dry hair?

  • Anonymous says:

    nice idea…..if only my hair would hold twise (sigh)

    Wow, your arms are nice! I need to have a kid (lol).

  • naturallyu says:

    @ closet confections. LOL about the exercise routine. Let's see favorite exercise is push ups but the most exercise that I receive in a day is keeping up with my kids. : ) Thank you for the compliment.

  • Tanisa says:

    I love this style, thanks for sharing. I'm transitioning back to my natural hair, for the last time, I'm hoping to go 2 years with my transition.

  • Tiffany says:

    Very cute.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • Closet Confections says:

    Great idea! I'm 7 months into my looong transition, so this is right on time. On another note, can we get a workout regimen as well? Because your arms look like they could give Mrs. Obama a run for her money, lol!


  • SimplyBeautifulMe says:

    Thank you sooo much for posting this today. I'm transitioning and just took out some segelense twists and my ends are TOTALLY bothering (I twisted my own hair). I have long hair so doing the BC was a N-O ;-). Someone told me over the weekend to curly my ends and it would look better. I was seriously eye-balling the scissors each time I saw my hair. Today I went and bought some soft twist rollers and will see how that goes. I like these rollers because I don’t have to use tissue to roll my hair and as they name says they are soft (easy to sleep in).
    Crossing my fingers and toes all the while praying the curled ends look nice tomorrow.

  • naturallyu says:

    Thank you so much Kathleen!!! I do not have a set date to big chop but I have been trimming about an inch every three to four months to rid myself of the relaxer. I would say the secret for the length is protective styling or low manipulation styles that don't require much combing with the exception of detangling. I relied upon roller sets for the majority of my transition and I did not have to touch my hair for a week at a time. Good luck with your transition too. I am sure you will meet your goal of having a full afro for your graduation. : )

  • Andrea says:

    I've been transitioning for almost a year and this has become my go to style for the summer. Before the humidity kicked into full effect, I would wear all types of roller sets, curlformers being my favorite. Since my hair won't hold a curl now, I've been wearing twist updos. When I'm feeling brave or know I'll be inside all day, I do a twist-n-curl. The last time I attempted this was around the 6 month mark and the twists wouldn't stay in. The only problem is I can't keep them in more than a week because when I wash my hair with the twists in, it gets extremely tangled. I have to wash my hair weekly since I get a case of the itchies around day 6.

  • Kathleen says:

    Wow that turned out great! I'm a long term transitioner myself(1 year and 3 months). I plan to reach that 2 ..2 1/2 mark so i can have a full afro for my highschool graduation.How long do you plan to transition for? your hair is really long. my hair seems to grow extremely slow on the sides and front.there is barely 3 inches where my middle part starts but the rest of my head is doing great! whats your secret for gaining length? Good luck with your transition!!

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