Hey Nikki!

My husband David and I were married June 20th, 2010 in Long Branch, NJ. Choosing wedding hair was such a struggle to say the least. After googling wedding styles over and over, I realized that there were very few natural bride pictures which of course made me sad. I eventually came across a few blogs that stated “sure natural hair is great…but not for your wedding day”. UGGGHH! At that point I gave in and tried straight styles with bouncy curls and even tried out a weave. They were cute, but just not me…and certainly would not have worked in the New Jersey heat, on the beach, WITH the humidity created by the ocean.

One day I came home completely discouraged and went through many styles with my husband. He stopped me and said “you know, all of these are great, but I am IN LOVE with your natural hair… I love those curls!” I had been so concerned about being beautiful for him on our special day that I never considered that he would be more than satisfied with my natural hair. That was all I needed to rebuild my confidence and truly embrace these curls.

So, a day or so before the wedding I took a great friend of mine to a natural hair salon with me (just in case I hated it and had a nervous breakdown lol). I ended up going with a few flat twists on the side and a rod set for the rest. My friend sat there anxiously with the camera trying to gauge my reaction… and I loved it!

Hopefully this post will give other natural brides the confidence to embrace that natural hair on their special day. I cannot imagine the extra headaches I would have had running back and forth to the bathroom attempting to de-poof straight hair or flatten edges and so on. I was able to dance all night with no worries!

As I walked down the aisle and saw the smile on my husbands face, I knew I made the right decision (on both my hair and my man, lol!)

Thanks for letting me share!
Cara Rivera