Curly Attitude
by Krista

I’ve been natural since I was twelve, but I’ve only worn my hair curly for about eight years. During this time, I’ve noticed that my attitude or personality changes depending on whether my hair is curly or straight. Now, this may all be in my mind, but I feel that I carry myself differently depending on how my hair is styled.

I feel my curly locks make me appear to have more of a funky/spunky attitude and personality so I embody that and embrace it. When my hair is straight; I feel that I look younger, reserved, and quiet. Although my personality is the same in either style, I feel my curly locks better represent the person I have become. I feel more hip and free to be myself when my hair is curly. My curly hair gives me the green light to stand out in a crowd, experience new things, and live life to the fullest.

I don’t feel that my curly hair developed my personality or attitude, but I do think that it has helped me stay true to who I am as a person. My curly hair helps me present to the world the type of person I want them to see and remember. So to all my curly girls, embrace your curls and allow them to open you up to a world that you would never have considered with your straight hair!

Can you relate? Do you feel edgier and more outgoing with your curly hair?