Hola Chicas!

Let the countdown begin. According to my doctor I’m 1 centimeter dilated and 50% effaced! Which means…wait for it… absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, although I’m full term, they can’t predict a thing from these measurements- – I could go as early as tonight or 2 long weeks from now. All I know for sure is that my body is gearing up for D day and that I’ve made ‘some’ progress. I have no real complaints… still feeling pretty good, but definitely on the verge of serving baby with an eviction notice. I want my body back!

I’ve gained 35 pounds and my legs and feet are like memory foam due to the excess fluid (my hubby’s friend calls me Thick Foot). I’m up every hour during the night to empty my bladder and I think I’m literally eating us out of house and home. Emotions are still running wild- – I teared up in public again. This time, over my inability to find a box of Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies. After making three unsuccessful laps at the second grocery store, I could feel the tears welling up when I finally happened upon an end-cap with the cakes, cookies and pies. I was immediately fine, LOL. But then I cried the next night because I couldn’t think of a side dish to cook with dinner.

My hair is beginning to shed a little more than it was, but it’s still thick and luscious.

Here are some pics of my hair today (3rd day hair).
Very undefined and fluffy. I used Yes to Cucumbers + Aveda Defining Whip.

My granny, sister, uncle, aunt and 2 little cousins are already in town. Next to arrive will be my parents and my hubby’s mother. Needless to say, my house is BONKERS! I love it though. Pray for me ladies… we’re getting close and the contractions are becoming stronger and much more frequent. Of course, you guys will be some of the first to know when labor hits….and of course when the baby arrives. If I can’t type between contractions, hubby will!

Later Gators,

p.s. Thanks to all of you that sent along diapers, wipes and butt cream! Lord knows I need it and I truly appreciate it! You guys are the best. Unfortunately, not all of the packages came with names, so for the anonymous senders, THANK YOU so much!

The shout out list:

Kim White
Stacey Johnson
Reon Laudat
Evelyn Miller

Thanks chicas!!!

Edited to Add:

So I just got back from treating myself to a much needed pedicure. The Sam Sausage toes and major cankleage I have going on will hopefully be balanced out by my pretty toenails 🙂

Do you see how massive my feet and ankles are?! Everybody at the salon thought it was hilarious.