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Curly Nikki

Deep Treatments for Every Curl Type

By January 27th, 20215 Comments

Deep Treatments for Every Curl Type
NaturallyCurly writes:

As summer comes to an end you’ll want to return to the healthy habit of deep conditioning to protect and prepare your curls for the change in temperature.

Check out what you should be doing, HERE!


  • Unknown says:

    This was a great article!! I'm going to make sure I deep condition my hair more often for the rest of the summer…my hair pattern is 3c/4a and its always dry …this summer heat is the worst for my curls, but i'm working on it 🙂

  • mztranquilharmony says:

    Great read! My question is similar to lady hart's. My curl pattern is 4s and they mentioned using Shea butter. are there any conditioners I can purchase or should I use a conditioner such as Hello Hydration melt some Shea butter, apply it and sit? Ladies I'm a new transitioner, with extreme heat damage.

    Thanks in advance for the advice

  • ladyhart says:

    I think that was a great read. But how do u know your hair type when your transitioning? Do you just use any deep conditioner or do you cater to a certain curl type based off of your texture at the root which would more than likely be 4 (kinky, tighter curls)?

  • Anonymous says:

    Good luck figuring out how to leave 1/10th of your deep treatment in your hair! I think a less complicated procedure would be to just put more back in, haha.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great article. People always say to deep condition but they hardly ever say HOW to do it or for how long! Would be great to get a list of good deep conditioners to use! Thanks for this article.

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