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Curly Nikki

I Big Chopped- Nykole

By January 27th, 20214 Comments
Meet Nykole… loving not having to ‘sleep cute’!

I Big Chopped- Nykole
CN: When you first chopped, what were your thoughts and feelings? How do you feel now?

When I first chopped my hair, I felt inspired. I did it because my 11yr old twin daughters wanted to go natural and I wanted to take the journey with them. I have had moments where I have thought about going back to the perm, but overall I feel empowered! I can swim whenever I want, and I don’t have to “sleep cute” to keep a style.

CN: How did you cope with the responses from your family and friends?
My permed style was short to begin with. When I got those “what are you doing with your hair?” responses, I just said, “I am not sure right now.”

CN: What are your plans for your hair?
I want to grow my hair out because I love those styles where there is a nice poof in the back!

CN: Do you find it necessary to ‘doll up’ your look to feel more feminine?

Yes, I do doll up so I won’t look “manly”.

CN: If so, what are your favorite accessories, or go to ways to glam up your look?
The only thing I use to glam up the look is makeup and large colorful earrings.

CN: How do you keep your TWA moisturized?
I haven’t really found a moisturizer that works for me. I have just started trying to remember to sleep in a satin bonnet. I have used Miss Jessie’s buttercreme which seems to work well. I have tried a few other products, but they don’t keep the moisture I need.

CN: What products and techniques do you use to style? How often do you style?
I use Miss Jessie’s products. I have also used Kinky Curly gel. I wet it in the morning and use a wide toothed comb to evenly distribute the gel. I do that when I don’t have time to style. It makes my hair curl and gives it a “funky” look. I usually style everyday unless I have coils. When I have coils, I try not to touch it too much.

I Big Chopped- Nykole


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