But you won’t find any mom jeans here…

Hola Chicas,

Lawd… there aren’t even words! I’m physically and emotionally drained, but have fallen head over heels in love with someone I just met yesterday!

To make a very long story short, my birthing experience was not at all what I wanted or expected, but such is life. I went into labor on my own, stayed at home for a while to make some progress without intervention, and arrived at the birthing center only to learn that despite the hard and frequent contractions, I hadn’t dilated much. They started me on Pitocin to move things along (which produced horrendous contractions without breaks in between– I knew this ahead of time, along with the other side effects and really didn’t want it). I was a total G though. With the help of hubby, my mother and my mother-in-law, I breathed through the contractions without tears, moaning or screams. But the pains became intensified after the breaking of my water and the introduction of Pitocin, so I requested an epidural. After the epi was administered I was able to rest– I had already suffered through about 13 hours of unmedicated BACK labor! It’s just as horrendous as women describe. It felt like charlie horses in my back.

At 8cm, I stopped dilating and my cervix actually began to swell. Apparently sister girl was facing the wrong direction, so while she was trying to work with me to make her grand entrance, my body just wouldn’t allow it. Later, I’d also learn that she was an ounce shy of 8 pounds and 21 inches long! 8 pounds??!! Probably due to all the strawberry pancakes. Needless to say, they started talking C Section, which resulted in me balling my eyes out. After talking out the pros and cons and getting over the disappointment and feelings of failure, I agreed and 30 minutes later I was face to face with the little diva.

She was born on 8/29/2010 at 2:20 am. Unlike me at that age she has a head full of hair! She’s my heart and I can’t stop staring at her. We’re doing great with breastfeeding and watching her and hubby together is truly remarkable. My recovery is going well and I feel okay.

Thanks ladies for the well wishes, donations, kind words and prayers. I read through your comments to the ‘In Labor’ post while in labor for motivation and to help keep me positive. You all played a bigger role than you’ll ever know! So, to all of the CN.com honorary aunties, little miss Gia Nicole has arrived and she is ridiculously precious. I couldn’t be happier or more excited.

Love you guys,

Edited to add a few more (still at the hospital):

Grandpa and Gia!

Grandma and baby

3 generations!

Proud Papa!