Honeymoon Phase- Question of the Day

Honeymoon Phase- Question of the Day
Charla writes:

Hey Nikki!

So I was thinking about the “honeymoon phase” that many naturals go through with their hair after the big chop (or mini chop in some cases). That is something that I’ve experienced as well. I was COMPLETELY in love with the texture I hadn’t seen in 18+ years and couldn’t get enough of my natural coils. But today I was thinking, maybe that honeymoon phase was to cover up deeper feelings I kept hidden about my hair. I tell you I was styling my hair every other day because I wanted to see everything it could do! Twists one day, twist out the next day, random WnG thrown in the mix, and an attempt at flat twists that turned into a puff – all in the same week! To be honest I am still in the honeymoon phase now. I love Chlo “The Fro” Bella!!!! (that is my hair’s name, lol)

I feel like there are a few reasons that I was so smitten with styling my new hair:

1) I was interested to see what it could do.
2) I was determined to show everyone else that being natural doesn’t mean you can only wear a fierce fro everyday! It means that you have options and a whole lot more fun =]
3) I was possibly styling my hair for myself, to convince my own mind that I truely loved what I saw in the mirror. By no means was this love affair a hoax or a fake image, but just maybe I was attempting to prove to myself that I made the right decision.

My question to the lovely CN community is this:

Have you experienced this honeymoon phase and how long did it last? Why do you think you fell so hard for your curls, kinks, coils and waves? Sit on the Curly Therapist Couch and tell us about your courtship/divorce/fling/
honemoon/marriage with your hair.