What are you feeding your spirit today? Did you look in the mirror when you woke up this morning and tell yourself how gorgeous you are, or did you look in the mirror and say to yourself “I need to lose some weight?” Did you look at another woman today and compare yourself to her? Why is it that we look at another woman and compare our “worst” features to what we think are her best features? Of course this leaves us feeling horrible about ourselves and further damages our self image.

Did you know that what you tell yourself about yourself is what you truly, deeply believe about yourself? So why not tell yourself something wonderful like “I am gorgeous” or “My worth is far above rubies”. I know it is a bit uncomfortable at first especially if you are not used to feeling this way about yourself, but try it. It’s much better than telling yourself all the things that you need to work on and then feeling bad or unworthy.

Feed your spirit something wonderful today! Give yourself a spiritual meal that you would not normally eat on a daily basis. Just like if you were going out to celebrate a special occasion. Only this time the special occasion is you! Go ahead and indulge. Order the most expensive thing on the menu of spiritual entrees and of course eat your dessert first!

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