Hair Loc’ing 101
by Brittany of Clumps of Mascara

So you want to loc your hair. Or so you think. Actually, you’re not really sure but you’ve been giving it some thought and have NO idea where to start. Girlfriend, I’ve been there. Deciding to loc your hair is a pretty big decision and while there is no right or wrong way to start locs, here are a few of my “Things to Think About Before You Loc” tips.

1) You BC’ed a month ago…are you SURE you want to loc now? I remember when I first chopped my hair back in ’05, I got a dozen, “When are you going to loc?” questions. Enjoy your fro. Don’t feel pressured to loc if you aren’t ready. Still lovin’ your loose natural hair? Keep rockin’ it! Your hair will tell you if and when it’s time to loc it up.

2) Decide what method you want to use and STICK to it. Locs can be started off and maintained by many different methods. From comb coils, braidlocks, Sisterlocks, freeform to 2-strand twists, it’s super important to know what method works for your hair texture and lifestyle before you commit. I won’t tell y’all how I adopted THREE methods in my very short journey. Insane in the membrane, is right. Ha!

3) Realize that locs are versatile. I get so many, “What can I do with locs”-type questions. Are you kidding me? You can do just as many hairstyles with locs that you can do with loose natural and relaxed hair. The options are endless and because no two loc’d ladies look the same, you will always have a unique style. BAM!

4) Prepare to just let go. Someone should have told me this when I first started loc’ing my hair. They call it a journey for a reason. As much as you may try to manipulate your baby locs, they are going to do whatever they want to do. They are going to be fuzzy and all over the place. The beginning months may frustrate you to no end and the best way to rid yourself of that frustration? Leave them alone.

5) Loc’ing does not mean a “total commitment to a hairstyle”. If you love color, guess what? You can color your locs. You can cut them in layers, grow a bang, curl them, shave off one side—whatever fits your personality. It does not mean the end of doing your hair. But, if you’re looking for low maintenance, locs can be that too.

Bottom line…locs are just an extension of natural hair and they aren’t for everyone. Talk to locticians and current loc rockers and do a mess of research before you begin loc’ing. I’ll tell you one thing though, I thought I loved my hair when I was a loose natural…my locs have given me another ridiculous amount of self-love.