Hola Chicas,

Today, hubby and I are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary! Unfortunately we don’t have much planned… I’m swollen, short of breath, hot, irritable AND we have a prenatal check up in an hour! Not the most romantic… but eh… I’d be happy if he brought home some Sour Punch Straws, a hug and a smile 🙂 I’ve been killing Sour Punch Straws lately… and strawberry sodas too! Mmmmm….artificial flavoring.

We were looking through our photo album over the weekend, reminiscing, laughing and discussing how fast time has gone by!

A few of my favs:

My paternal grandmother– she’ll be here next weekend to take care of me as I prepare for baby!

Can you tell I’m a daddy’s girl?

My Mother-in-Law (blue) and Sister-in-Law (brown).
We walked in to Kanye’s Good Life… still one of my favorite songs!


then Break dancing…

The Nupes!
My hubby crossed in Spring ’02

Good times… just thought I’d share 🙂