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Curly Nikki

Using Coconut Oil as a Styler

By January 27th, 202120 Comments

TheSoulfulSista writes:

Here is my styling tutorial on how to use coconut oil for a wash n go in place of gel. In this video, I also show how I style my TWA by finger coiling it.


  • Elle says:

    I love coconut oil I use it solid to oil my scalp, it melts at a warm temp w/o heating-thats when I apply it while my hair is wet. It makes my hair super soft and manageable, not to mention the smell is yummy. I'm addicted. Sad to hear it doesn't work well for others.

  • Anonymous says:

  • Big Sister says:

    Thanks for the tip, I didn't realize using too much was making my hair brittle. Coconut oil is the only oil that doesn't weigh down my thin curls, and I've been trying different combinations with other things to make it work.

  • Anonymous says:

    There are lots of people who style using conditioner and oil, so I'm a little surprised at some of these comments…that being said, my hair is weird about coconut oil, but I could have been using way too much. If you use too much, it will make your hair brittle and crunchy. I've been doing some research on the benefits and am going to revisit. Thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    seems like the kinky curly is the gel while the coconut oil is the sealer. coconut oil has no hold.


  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks Soulful Sista for creating your video showing your technique on how to create finger twists with coconut oil as the styling gel, I have a TWA and watching your video confirms I'm on the right track. I have been using IC Hair Polisher with Olive Oil as my styling gel. Now I'll have another alternative with coconut oil.

  • Roni says:

    I am a newly natural, just did my big chop last Friday. I just purchased coconut oil, not knowing it comes as a solid, lol. Can't wait to use it as a sealer and styler!

  • Anonymous says:

    Anonymous, August 16, 2010 12:57 PM

    My hair loves shea butter!!! It gives me shine, sleek look, no frizz, a lot of moisture and hold. The shea oil works fine, except it doesn't give any hold.

    Marissa, I've tried the pure, cold pressed coconut oil on dry, wet, relaxed, natural, clean and also dirty hair…….. same poor results. :(

  • Unknown says:

    Coconut oil seems to have a love/hate relationship with naturals. I love the stuff and just wrote a post about it on my blog. I think that maybe some of you are using coconut oil that has been chemically altered. Make sure you buy coconut oil that is cold pressed, that means no solvents were used in its processing.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love coconut oil! I've never tried it as a styler but it's been a great moisturizer especially in the cooler months. ~KF519

  • Zhara says:

    For those Ladies who say their hair hates coconut oil…it may be beacuse your hair is coated with other products. Coconut oil is 100% natural and is best used on hair that 1. is completley dry and 2. is virgin meaning free of commercial products… synthetic chemicals build up and causes residue on the hair. The chemicals in most hair care products can alter the look and feel of your strands!!!!!! clarifying the hair regularly is a must!
    Natural Hair is porus and needs to breathe :)
    If Commercial hair products cause build up and coat the hair it wont allow natural oils like coconut oil to penetrate the strands and work properly.

  • Anonymous says:

    last comment, thnx for the tip
    thats a great explanation.

  • Anonymous says:

    For those of you whose hair doesnt like coconut oil, try shea butter or jojoba oil. Shea butter gives more hold for those with thicker hair and is a heavier moisturizing oil than coconut oil. It seems that curlies with finer hair do better with coconut oil and not so good with shea butter. Jojoba oil is very light , but is very closely related to the natural sebum we make naturally. It works well on very fine hair.
    Has this been anyone else's experience? Just curious.

  • Anonymous says:

    While I don't use coconut oil to style, I use it as an overnight prepoo (plastic cap and tied). When I wash my hair the next day it is ultra soft. I encourage you all to try it again and also make sure that it is unrefined and pure.

  • Anonymous says:

    I LOVE COCONUTS FOR MY HAIR, it works really good
    im always on the look out for natural items with multiple uses
    gel drys my curly fro out but coconut oil makes my curls super soft and silky,but I don't co-wash everyday so i can't put it in everyday,
    I've already learned my lesson from that
    my hair is (if you pull it out) past my shoulder so i have a lot of hanging down curls

  • Anonymous says:

    My hair hates coconut oil, no matter how I use it. I've also tried to use it as a sealant (like the girl above) but it turned out without any hold. Thanks God, there is plenty options for everybody :-)

  • bambiix2 says:

    Anonymous – she cowashes everyday

    Anyways do what works for you boo. My natural hair detests coconut oil , I also think because of my hair texture I would never be able to use oil in place of gel to define and hold my curls. They are not in the same category to me at all

  • Anonymous says:

    yeah i hate to be debbie downer, but once she hits a certain length, that aint gonna work…and doesnt her hair get super oily?

    the girl

  • Anonymous says:

    This is the same routine I used to do when I had a TWA. I never got into using the gel for my whole head, just on my edges.

  • Naptural_ray1 says:

    wow I wonder if coconut oil will define my curls like that..I doubt it my hair need something a little thicker

    but it does give great shine!!

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