What’s your exercise and corresponding hair regimen?

CN writes:

During my pregnancy (from the 2nd trimester till the last few weeks) I walked 2-3 miles, 7 days a week. Although I have a treadmill, I walked many of those days outside. It kept the swelling at bay, my back feeling great and my weight gain under control.

Whenever I finally drop this baby, I plan to continue to walk most days. Yes, I’m still pregnant, LOL. But after my appointment and ‘stretch and sweep’ this morning, things are stirring…
Along with the walking, I’ll be adding a bit of toning and weight lifting- -crunches on my Yoga Ball, and 5lb free weights to tone my arms.

As for my hair, I bun it most days (high messy, or low side), but my Twist-n-Curls fair pretty well despite my workouts. I just make sure to pull it up high or down low with a scrunchy prior to the workout. When I take it down, it looks great!