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Curly Nikki

Would You Have Gone Natural If….

By January 27th, 202184 Comments

Would You Have Gone Natural If....

Juices & Berries writes:

Everyone goes natural for different reasons. Personally, my main reason for going natural was because I wanted to be free of the chemicals. It did not matter to me what my curl pattern or hair type would be.

Lately, I’ve seen many naturals very unhappy with their hair type and think that people with a different hair type have it easier. I do not agree with this statement, because the grass is always greener on the other side. Plus, I think we really need to get out of the mentality of “good hair” and “bad hair”, and the thinking of “you need a perm” and “you don’t need a perm”. We were all born with our natural hair, so there is no one who can’t go natural.

But I am curious to know if hair type played a factor in anyone’s rationale for going natural. Answer this honestly, would you still have gone natural if you had a different hair type?


  • Ursula says:

    Natural for the freedom it give me.. to walk in the rain if I want too. I don't know about hair types…don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. immediately after washing my h air is nice and fluffy.. give it time and it is shrunk and dry…but I loveeeeeee it. it is easier to give in too a perm sometimes, but I think I am loving the journey too much to give in.

  • Anonymous says:

    My natural hair, pretty much 4b, is soft and frizzy with little to no shine. Now that it is about 4" long, I have to twist or braid it at night or it will start to curl in on itself. The hair shafts are thin and easily breakable. If it's humid out, it won't hold a curl, twist or braid out. Would I have done it, if I knew then what I know now? You betcha! I L-O-V-E my hair. However it comes out each morning, is how I rock and roll with it. Funny thing is, everyone things I planned it that way.

  • Anonymous says:

    Regardless of hair type, I feel that natural hair is healthier which is my goal for going natural. Most likely I would wear my hair in different styles than I do now. And I would try to keep length on it.

  • That Girl says:

    I'm young, and I have never had a traditional relaxer, but I used to flat iron my hair every other day. It became drying, and my hair never looked good. It kind of just sat there.
    My mother has 3a, rather thin, hair and she always wore it curly so I wanted to try.
    I quickly realized that my hair is nothing like my mother's. I have mostly 4a hair, and it's VERY thick. With that said, I love my hair! I get compliments on it. It's all mine, and I never have to think about putting heat on my hair.
    Since I had a lot of damage from flat ironing I have been 'transitioning' for about 8 months, and I regret nothing. It's so much fun reading blogs about hair, and learning about what you've been given by God. It's just amazing.

  • Lakeisha says:

    I am a transitioner and have no idea what my hair type is. I know it is probably in the 4's, but at this point it dosen't even matter because I love the fact that I choose not to go get a relaxer or sit in a beauty salon for hours. When I decided to transition I had no clue what my natural hair would be like so yes I would still go natural even if I did have a different hair type.

  • Anonymous says:

    I,sadly, have 2c type hair – loose frizzy waves. I wore a perm because I thought it would get rid of my frizzies but it didn't but by the time I came to that conclusion I had acquired a habit – the creamy crack.

    My hair's only saving grace is that it's coarse which I always thought was a curse. I would look at fine-haired women as the luckiest because they could just wash their hair and go – or so I thought.

    The work for me was to find the best way to style my hair and the right products and that took that better part of a year.

    I'll never use chemicals again. Ever.

  • Anonymous says:

    i did my bc on june 25th after transitioning for 8 months. In the beginning of my transition i had no clue what hair type i would have and honestly had no clue what it was, all i knew was that i wanted curly hair like my best friend who was natural. about 5 months into my transition when i would gel my hair down it would wave up, so at that point i kind of figured my natural hair would be wavy or curly. and i honestly dont know if i would have gone natural if my hair wasnt 3b/3c like it is.

  • Anonymous says:

    When I decided to go natural; i did it with the assumption that my hair would be hard to manage.Ilove a challege so I was prepared to fight. As a child I remember countless hours sitting in the chair getting that bi weekly pressing. Although my hair was long and healthy then; I was the most tenderheaded child ever.Ever. But what I have discovered is my hair is not hard to manage at all. Throwing out preconceived notions and fairy tales about what you think your hair will and wont do or should be doing is the most important step in embracing your texture no matter what it is. I can relate to LBell in that my coils are soft and fine while the hair in my crown which grows almost straight is coarse and wirey.

  • Anonymous says:

    If I had a different hair type (type 2 or 3), to be honest I would've never gone natural. It's a pain in the butt going through what I have to do. I believe I'm a 4a/4b type. If I was 4c, I'd NEVER consider going natural. Put that relaxer in my hair ASAP if I ever had that hair type. I only went natural because I've been getting relaxers since I was about six or seven and I wanted to feel how my hair was like without one. I also wanted to still continue to flat iron or straighten my hair without the use of a relaxer. I'm not into the locs hairstyles; they're not for me and never will be regardless of hair type. I would get the ends trimmed if I had the time & money (b/c they NEED them) but that's it.

  • Brittany says:

    Caution: Contrary to popular belief looser curls are NOT easier to manage! I am 3C and have been natural for 5 years now. I often help my newly natural 4a/b friends out with their hair and it's just as hard to get a comb through ALL are hair, lol. Knowing what I know now, I would def still go natural if I had a different texture. Honestly…Pause: Now entering the "Non-judgement Zone"… I feared kinky hair, afro's, etc. and wanted nothing to do with them. But now i see the versatility of a beautifully defined twist out or a full set of bantu's on my kinkier counterparts and I'm SUPER envious! Natural hair is beautiful hair! Free yo MIND! 🙂

  • Shell says:

    I went natural way back in 98. Truthfully, I was sick of relaxers and spending all day in the salon to get my hair done. My sides were being eaten out by the relaxers, as well.
    Once I went natural, I loved it. I always embraced my hair. I still do. People have to love their hair and what it can do. Stop trying to compare their hair texture to others.

  • Anonymous says:

    My hair is 4A and curly – tighter in the back and more loose in the front. When I decided to BC I assumed my hair was more kinky or nappy as my mom had always pressed it straight, and then relaxed it when I was 12. She has curls and I just thought I didn't because of the straightening. With relaxers my hair was fine textured, though, but I didn't expect curls. I've been surprised since my BC with all the curls –and honestly, happy. If I had known about the curls I would've gone natural sooner. I think I would still go natural, though, if I had kinkier hair. I think I'd have more styling options with 4B or 4C hair.

  • NappyRina says:

    Great topic!

    I knew what my hair texture was (4B) before I went natural … my hair was chemically treated for only a year 1/2 before my hair fell out(curly perm then relaxer) so I was not in for any surprises once I did the Big Chop!

    Before my chemical disaster I NEVER wore my natural hair "out" (I stayed in braid extensions and then had Locs for a while). So even though I was technically natural I did not know how to take care of my "out" hair.

    Personally I think I would have worn my natural hair out a loooooooong time ago, probably since birth onward, if I had type 3a/b/c texture … Most of my friends growing up who had that texture NEVER relaxed and wore wash n gos and buns all the time and it seemed so EASY for them retain healthy long hair!

    And even those who did relax w/ that texture were able to stretch their relaxers to 1-3 times a year and maintain long relaxed hair with little effort because the new growth of looser/bigger curls and waves were not so dramatically different than the straighter relaxed ends causing less breakage

    So I was always envious about 3a/b/c texture, not because I thought it looked "prettier" or "better" than 4a or 4b texture but because it seemed so carefree and effortlessly long & healthy, whereas my beautiful afro cottony cloud would stay dry, brittle, tangled and inevitably short!

    It took me longer to wear my natural 4b hair "out" because I had to learn HOW to make it thrive (still learning) … Though I will always admire natural hair of ALL textures and maybe even envy certain ones who seem to have it easier, I honestly wouldn't have my hair any other way 🙂

  • Unknown says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I am somewhat new to this whole "natural" hair stuff, although I am not new to hair care. I am a licensed cosmetologist and have been for about 10 years. I have been "natural" for two years and I dont know why I did it.. I think it happened by accident when I was overdue for my relaxer and I just never got another one.. I am however finding the lack of chemicals very beneficial to my hair, it is a lot thicker and stronger for sure. I am not sure what "type" of hair I have just yet, still researching the terms…lol.. they didnt teach me that one in cosmetology… Anywho I am finding the natural hair sites to be great and I especially love this one so I decided to become a follower =)..

  • Anonymous says:

    I love this post. I'd like to see one about what Juices and Berries mentions above about "knowing" what type of hair you would have more or less. I would honestly say that I REALLY, REALLY didn't know what type of hair would come out of my head. I'm 8 months into my transition and am just learning that I have 3C curls and I'm sooooooooooo excited every day to see how it grows out of my head. I would honestly say that if I knew that my hair could do what it's doing now I would've stopped relaxing years ago. It goes to show how brainwashed we are to thinking we have "bad" hair. No ONE and I mean, NO ONE has bad hair. it's all beautiful!!!! 4Bs have hair of envy and so do 1s. I love all hair and I think I finally do because I'm natural now. I wish I had all this info so many years ago. 23 years of relaxing was way too long for me!!!! I just hope we can continue to educate other youngs girls coming along. Thanks for the post and all the wonderful comments. I finally stopped relaxing because my hair was looking a thin mess and I love BIG HAIR!!! 4Bs rock on!!!! I don't think the hair number system is demeaning…it is what it is…..I think it helps like telling your age. Are you 35 or 25? You may look 25 but it is what it is 🙂 ha ha ha!!!! lol

  • Anonymous says:

    Personally, I think it is challenging for all of us to figure out what works for our hair and requires patience in developing a personalized routine over time. I feel like when it came to my natural hair that I didn't have a choice. It was either my natural hair or a chemical that burned my scalp. It seems to me, my frustration level was just as high trying to find a product that worked for straight hair as it was locating a product for my natural tresses. The only up side, no burning feeling on my scalp. I guess it is really all about perspective, and being thankful for what you have on your head. I can honestly say that it is ten times easier to accept my hair now with the knowledge I have about my hair than when my hair care journey first began. Everyone that contributed to making natural hair care information available to the general public truly contributed to my success and I am forever grateful. Live, Love, Peace. ~Sweetsop

  • Anonymous says:

    I did my big chop a month and a half ago. Since then I have had people come up to me and say that Its easy for me to go natural probably because my hair type is 3c (I think) I have tight curls in the back and looser curls in the front. But I think mentally it was just as hard for me to go natural as anyone else. My hair might be a little and I mean a little easier to maintan but I had a lot to over come mentally to prepare me to go natural. I'm black and puerto rican and grew up with my puerto rican side of the family. Those of us with the "bad hair" got relaxers, being natural was never really even talked about. My mother who has 3b hair does relaxers too. Ever since I was young I always envied anyone with natural hair. I always asked my mother why she ever put a relaxer in my hair. Her answer was always the same she didn't want to deal with my thick, curly, dry hair. When I decided to go natural and told my grandmother she asked me what was I going to do walk around kinky? I told her yeah I love my kinks. I don't think hair type should really make a difference. I would go natual regardless. I feel like I have learned so much about myself by excepting myself as god made me. I have even started to inspire some of the more "nappy" people in my fam to go natural and thanks to this blog and blogs like it I no longer see good and bad hair like I used to.

  • EmberRose says:

    I hate hair typing. Just gave me a headache.

    I went natural because I got sick of paying all that money and not liking my hair. And I was sick of spending all Sat in the hair salon when I could be gettin' it with my then-boyfriend who was getting ready to deploy.

    So..yes. Still would have gone natural. I like my money in my pocket and I like my free time.

  • kimmie0810 says:

    I don't think hair typing is intended to divide us or imply "good vs bad" hair. I see it as a way of categorizing or describing curls/kinks/coils. Otherwise, I wouldn't know what the heck some people were trying to describe on their heads lol. It comes in handy when someone is recommending a product or a technique b/c I have a good idea if it might be successful with my hair if we have a similar "type".

  • gigihaitiancurly says:

    Who invented hair typing anyway??? That is just beyond ridiculous.

    Instead of being united within the natural hair community it divides us.

    If you want to type your hair. Go ahead. But me i'm happy with the hair I have on my head. Regardless of the alphanumeric category it falls into.

  • Anonymous says:

    I went natural because my relaxed hair felt like straw on some days and a brillo pad on others. Although, my relaxed hair was really long, it did not feel healthy.

    I considered going natural for the first time in 2003; however, I was a summer associate at a law firm at the time and was afraid to unveil my natural hair. I finally went natural this April, despite practicing at a conservative law firm. I considered my hair texture when going natural, and hoped I'd be able to manage. But, regardless of the texture I wanted to rid myself of the straw hanging from my head. Therefore, I was prepared to deal with anything. I'm not sure what hair type I have..I don't believe in hair-typing and believe it is really just a way to further segregate our community (it really is another way to determine "good hair/bad hair"). My hair is little spirals, but I would be okay if it didn't have any at all. I'm pleased that my natural hair has so much more moisture than my relaxed hair. Anything is better than straw!

  • Anonymous says:

    I know its sad but… My hair is still curly even after relaxing for 19+ years. My hair is so curly that I can still do wash and go's with no effort. I believe when I BC my hair texture will be 3c/4a. If my hair turned out to be 4b (which i highly doubt) , i would RUN not walk back to the relaxers. :/

  • Long lost curls says:

    When I decided to go natural I did not care about my curl pattern. I didn't even think about it. All I thought about was trying something different with my hair, because, since I was in my third year of primary school my hair had been a dry, frizzy puff at the back of my head. Anything would have been better than that. So i went to my hairdresser and told her to take ALL of it off. So I just got a simple buzz cut with a fade on the sides and a mini fro hawk. When my hairdresser finished cutting my hair she said she would love to have hair like mine and I thought the same about hers. I love all natural hair no matter how tight or how loose. As long as it's what God gave you then I see it as good hair. And yes, I love my hair texture and if I had the choice to trade from 3b/3c/4a to 4b, I would love to take it because I have always envyed the big fro's and fro hawks. I can do it but my hair is not so dense. NATURAL IS BEAUTY

  • kimmie0810 says:

    Takeya I get the "white girl hair" comments too. Now my family thinks it's funny to call me a "mexican" b/c of my hair & complexion. And they wonder why I moved 1600miles away from home! I've come back now & I ask myself WHYY every single day!

    I don't even know why I went natural now. I will admit that I question myself & my "motives" b/c of the ignorant comments. I had long healthy hair. I've never had a bad relaxer experience. My hair (like Anonymous 6:15) would get straight when wet & then curl into spirals that hung to the middle of my back. My hair was pretty. I had no hair issues or traumas. I moved to FL & just did wash n go b/c the humidity would be a pain in the ass on straight hair (I relaxed maybe once or twice a year). My curls loved the humidity though b/c I could get the big fluffy look that I find to be so beautiful.

    So now I've chopped off all my hair. I don't know what to do with it besides wash n go b/c also like Anonymous 6:15 twist-outs, braidouts, twist n curls, etc do not work on my hair. I'm left with the limpest & faintest of waves that fall out after about an hour.

    So this question has had me thinking all day. And then here comes my family w/their unsolicited comments about my hair & the doubting starts. Maybe I have bought into the whole "good hair" bullsh*t that they tease me about. Saying that they "hate" me b/c of my hair. Yet they tease me about it. But only b/c it's short. I hold tight to the fact that my hair is healthy & alot healthier than theirs but the petty part of me wants to scream 'JEALOUS!' like a deranged Kardashian sister. I've always loved my sister's thick kinky long hair. She relaxes but babies her hair so that it is as healthy as chemically altered hair can be. It is thick & shiny & can hold a curl & any style she wants. And what she wants is my wash n go hair. *sigh*

    So again, I cannot answer this question lol. Ugh. WHY IS HAIR SO EMOTIONAL????

    *end rant*

  • The Melanista says:

    I went natural, because I knew that was the best decision for me. I gave no thought to my hair type or my curl pattern. I was more concerned with the reactions to my super short hair. I quickly got passed that and I don't categorize my hair and never will. This is my curl pattern, texture, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. IMO, I think the kinkier the better! I have tight curls (O shaped and some S curls), and I've accepted my hair wholeheartedly! I encourage others to do the same. Great topic!

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes I know I would have gone natural! I got my first perm when I was about 13 or 14. My mom wouldn't allow it but I begged and begged and got my wish, to only turn 20 and realize I had made a big mistake. Even though I was natural for my early years my hair was always pressed with a little curl. I honestly didn't know how to take care of my hair outside of the press and curl look. I went natural because my hair started to really break off and go bald in some spots. I knew I had to stop the madness. My hair type honestly didn't occur to me until after my big chop and I didn't learn about hair types until I started looking online for different ways to take care of my hair.

  • Chaka_Millz says:

    Honestly I didn't think about my texture at all when I started transitioning. My main goal in goin natural was learning what my real texture was seeing how I never saw it in my life. All my mom could tell me was that it was thick (yeah I know real descriptive). Im definitely in the 4 family and I have loved every kink and coil in my hair since my bc. I hate it when girls at school come up to me and tell me that they wanna go natural but they can't because they don't have hair like mine. I always tell that with proper maintenance you can easily have a fully head of healthy, manageable, natural hair. All it takes is time and effort to find out what your hair really needs

  • Juices-n-Berriez says:

    Oh my. Nikki went wayyyy back to when I first BCed and found that picture. Lol.

    Thanks everyone for commenting! I saw alot of type 4's replying. But I would love to know if there are any type 2s or 3s who would prefer type 4 hair? (I think I did see a few though)I think hearing comments like this really helps types 4 who think they have the worst hair type to know that their hair is beautiful and desired.

    Also, I hear people saying they didn't know their hair type. And while I know you can't know the exact texture, I find it hard to believe you had no idea. I don't remember my pre-relaxed hair either. But I know for me, I was never one of the people who had the "good hair" And if I went 8 weeks without a relaxer, I got cussed out by my stylist for coming in there with "a nappy head of hair" (this actually happened to me) So, while you may not be able to distinguish between a 4a and a 4b, or between a 3c and a 4a, I think it's safe to say that one can have a general jist of whether their hair will be curly or kinky. But anyways…

    For me, like I said, it didn't matter. I knew that my hair wasn't going to be on the curly side. But I was DONE with the relaxing, and I will never be going back. I love my hair. In fact, I have a newfound appreciation for all curly hair, no matter it's texture. Even on non-blacks. It's so much more fun than straight hair. Lol.

  • J. says:

    I think I still would have gone natural, since I wasn't really sure of my "real" curl pattern until after my BC a month ago. I just knew I saw some cute spirals a few places in my hair (mostly the crown if i didn't try to comb or brush it that is) and those little curly babies kept me going because I was excited to see what my hair looked like with the permed ends gone. I have no idea what "hair type" I have and honestly don't really care. I'm just taking the time to learn my hair and what it does and doesn't like. If all else fails with a hairstyle I try, I know I can hop in the shower with a little conditioner and in about 5 minutes have a curly wash n go that I'm proud to leave the house in 🙂 Gotta love the natural hair!

  • Anonymous says:

    This is just a really hard question for me… My hair is mostly 2B. The back (about four fingers width) does a 3b spiral curl type of thing. The very front, my hairline and maybe a tiny bit more is 3c/4a. My family would always joke when I was a kid that I had "good hair" but my kitchen was in the front.

    I have been natural for about four years. I have a horrible time going to salons, even natural ones because they always assume that my hairline is my new growth and that I'm transitioning. I had one girl about 3 years ago cut ALL my hair off like literally down to an inch from BSL when I asked her to trim my ends. I wasn't paying attention and I had my back to the mirror the entire time. I was devastated! Sisters on another hair board which is just a bit too hardcore natural nazi like for me, bombarded me with insults when I went for hair advice. They said I must have a perm or be tex-laxed because my hair didn't look "black" enough. My hair does not get shrinkage when I wash it. It gets really straight but when it dries my curls and waves become defined. Humidity is my friend because it gets me the big hair that I like. Braids, twists, bantu knots etc. don't last more than two days. When I tried to get the 2 strand twist extensions they literally slipped right out of my head with the slightest tug. Twist outs in the winter, wash and goes in the summer, buns & pony puffs year round. That's about the extent of my styling options.

    If I had known that I had the menagerie of textures going on I don't think I would have gone natural. I wish all of my hair was 3b like the back. I'm fine with the "kitchen" in the front because some coffee butter or shea butter and a scarf smooths my edges perfectly. The 2B texture is just really limiting, leaves me out of most natural styling options and conversations and makes it very hard overall. Maybe the grass is always greener on the other side.

  • LBell says:

    Because I didn't grow up with the good/bad hair BS AND I wasn't obsessed with superficial appearances, I believe going natural wasn't as big a deal to me as it was to a lot of others I see online. (Also I went natural LONG before all this stuff was online.)

    I knew my hair was going to be so-called "bad"…I figured if it had been anything other than that I probably would have been natural already. I knew that…and I WENT NATURAL ANYWAY and I'm still natural to this day: mostly 4b with 4a and 4c scattered. I have worn a variety of styles, including locs, and have never had anywhere near the kind of issues with "manageability" that people think I should be having. Funny what happens when you work WITH your hair instead of against it…

    Also, slightly OT: Can people please stop equating 4b/c and coarseness? It's that belief that caused stylists to use regular relaxer on me over the years when they should have been using a much milder version. My 4b/c/a strands are VERY fine. In the almost-15 years I've been natural I've learned that my hair straightens VERY easily with heat. Coarse hair doesn't do that. Fineness and coarseness refers to strand diameter, not texture.

  • Anonymous says:

    If I had a looser curl pattern, I would have been natural all my life. My mother never knew how to care for my coarse, kinky hair so she had it relaxed when I was either 6 or 7. And prior to that she kept it in braided extensions. There aren't even any family pictures of my natural hair, so I had no idea at all what to expect when I started transitioning.

    From my 5 months of new growth I appear to be mostly 4b with a very small amount of 4a scattered throughout. It is very frustrating because it is not soft to the touch like I had hoped it would be, just rough and woolly. I wish I could honestly say that I love my hair type, but I don't; I just put up with it. Hopefully I will learn to love it but, if I don't I am just going to start locs so I won't have to be bothered. :/

  • Unknown says:

    Girl Scout Honor… I still would have gone natural. I was very interested in seeing my natural curl pattern. I was, however, more interested in not having chemicals in my hair. When I had the relaxer (5-6 yrs. ago as a teen) I was not taking care of my hair like the rest of the women in my family do (their hair flourishes) and as a results my hair would break off. So I decided enough was enough and said no to the creamy crack. I still didn't take care of my hair all that well until now being 20. But I was still glad and thankful I waved goodbye to the relaxer.

  • Anonymous says:

    Types?? Ive been told my hair is a 3c/4a, whatever it is; I love my hair. My BC was a 'bald fade' a present from my attempt at BC myself instead of professionally. Friends called me Patches so I went to a barber and cut it all even thus my bald fade. I loved it after the initial 3minute, head rubbing, wide eyed OMG Im bald moment passed LOL. My cousin has 4a/4b hair and she inspired me to go natural again (Yes again LOL different forum/comment list) But I love her hair too! Sometimes wish I had her type she can wear hair coils-my hair wont coil. Soorry off track. I would like my hair in any 'type' I think just because there is something about natural hair; it makes me feel confident, strong, unified/yet unique, and all that good stuff. Good question!

  • Anonymous says:

    Great post!!! I went natural because one day, I could not find a babysitter for my then 6 year old and 6 month old sons in order for me to spend 3-5 hours in the hair salon getting my hair done!!! At that point I was like I am done!I wanted to find out how it really felt to d my own hair. I was so spoiled by the hair salon that I didn't even know how to wash my own hair(I went to have it washed at least once a week ) And after 3 years natural(I did my BC on 8/10/08) I have never been happier with my hair. I didn't even think about my hair type or my curl pattern when I transitioned for 8 months…All I knew was that I was not giving anyone else a dime to do my hair, when I can do it myself.

  • LaNeshe says:

    I would have. Before I let go of relaxers I had no idea what my hair would be like free of the chemicals. For me it was about just being me, and not trying to emulate something else.

  • Jeannette says:

    I think this question is great! I have type 4b hair and I am natural. When I first went natural it was only because the chemicals were doing much damage to my thick pretty hair. I already knew my hair texture before I went fully natural and knew that I'd have a bit of struggle but I was prepared to deal with it rather than relaxers. The Author of this article is absolutely right, that we still have this mentality of 'good hair' vs. 'bad hair' I was always told that my hair was too thick and I equated that to bad nappy hair. I envied females like curly nikki who had a looser curl pattern. It's all about loving oneself and all that we were born with. I still get those moments where I look at other natural women and wish I had their hair type. Then I quickly remind myself that my hair is beautiful the way it is and I have to continue to learn how to do MY hair and LOVE and APPRECIATE MY hair without envying any other woman's hair. I look in the mirror and realize how beautiful my type 4b hair is.

  • honeybrown1976 says:

    I'm transitioning; so, I don't really know my hair texture yet. But, I didn't transition because of hair texture. I am transitioning for hair health.

  • Jewelry Rockstar says:

    I went natural back in 1991. It was because I was tired of the breakage from chemicals. I did know that my texture was curly, so I can't say. I am me and have always been me, so I can't say what I would do about anything if I were someone else.

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe not. I somewhat remember my hair texture pre-relaxer, so I knew what to expect. If it had turned out totally different than I remembered, I still would have cut the chemicals. That's for sure. I'd more than likely do more protective styles or just flat-iron after washing and air-drying.

  • ZoeAaralyn says:

    I'm going to be honest. My hair type may have had some influence on me having the courage of going natural. Before I big chopped, I transitioned for two years, and I liked my natural hair texture, so I thought that it would not be too hard to maintain when I chopped off my relaxed ends. But I was wrong, my hair is just as hard to maintain as the next curly.

    I use to envy women with the naturally soft, looser curl pattern, but over these last two months since big chopping, I have grown to love my natural hair texture.

    Mostly my decision for cutting my hair and going natural was because I was tired of the perms; they really weren't doing much for me but making my hair shorter and shorter. I feel somewhat if I had a different hair texture, my decision wouldn't be much different. It might of been hard for me to accept my hair if it was in the 4's or whatever, but I have grown to love all types of textures and I think they are all beautiful.

    Learning more about natural hair has really opened my eyes and I've learned to accept all hair types.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope that in the coming generations, the "good hair, bad hair" debate will cease to exist. I have very tight coils and my husband is white. I am pregnant and my mother actually said, "If you have a girl, I hope she doesn't have your hair. If you have a boy, it won't matter because he can keep it short."

    Are you serious? I am the only natural in my family and I get crap for it all the time. I am 28 yrs old and made the decision to go natural when I was a junior in high school. I love my hair and would love for my daughter (if that's what I have) to have my texture too.

  • rubyphoenix (Tianna Glass) says:

    great question!

    I stopped relaxing because I hadn't seen my natural hair since I was 8 years old. I told my mom I was going to chop it and start fresh in January of 08 and she, my grandmother and even some life long friends all told me it was a horrible idea since my hair was "too nappy for all that".

    My hair is 4b, with almost no curl pattern in parts, but because everyone told me it would look bad was one reason that I did it. I'd suffered my share of bad hair days with a perm, why not challenge myself natural?

    The moment I chopped it, I fell in love. Women would compliment me on my fro when I have one (I've since grown locs) and then down their own hair in the same sentence ("You can pull that off, but I don't have the right hair to go natural") I always tell them to challenge themselves. If they don't like how it looks and feels, perm it again. It's just hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is a great question! I never really thought about my hair texture either before going natural (which is 10 weeks as of last Saturday), I just knew that I was getting tired of going to the salon every two weeks and spending hours there and dropping that money was starting to put a serious dent in the budget. I always thought my hair was wavy because thats how it looked when the relaxer was starting to come out, and I always knew it was really thick because I would have to spend 45 MINUTES under the dryer at the salon and my hair was very short!

    Like a lot of you I had no idea what my true texture would be because I have been wearing relaxers since I was 12 and I am 42 now, but once I did my BC, I was VERY happy to see that my hair is extremely coily and thick and I LOVE IT!! If my hair was any looser I think I would look like a deranged circus clown and I would HATE it, so I LOVE my 4b/c hair and wouldnt change it for the world LOL! So if my hair type were looser and wavier I know for a fact that I would not go natural. – Onebyd41

  • curly cathe says:

    I would have gone natural regardless of my hair texture, frankly I can not remember what my hair was like pre perm. Although my first perm wasn't until age 13, I just don't remember actually combing my own hair. I love the texture of my hair. I have no idea if it's 4a or 4b with maybe a little 3c thrown in. My relaxed hair was so limp and lifeless. No my hair is so "in your face" and I love it.

  • Barbara Naturally Speaking says:

    I would have gone natural regardless of my hair type. I feel bad when some women tell me that I can do it because I have a different type of hair. My opinion is that anyone can go natural. The key is to find out how to style one' particular type of hair. That's why I love the versatility of braid outs and twist outs to add texture if wash and go doesn't work. Also the thickest hair types have the most beautiful looking twists to me. I truly would have gone natural regardless- I enjoy the thickness, fullness, and ability to not have to run from the rain and pool water. Check out my photos and blog at

  • Anonymous says:

    My number one reason for FINALLY going natural was the thickness (or lack thereof) my hair after my last relaxer in 2008. I was sicked by how thin it felt. It was as if my hair [& scalp] was saying to me "This is the end of the road. We're not gonna make through another chemical treatment".

    If I beleived that going natural would give me a more desirable texture, I probably would have gone natural long ago. Fortunately I had the sense to be more realistic in my expectations. I like my 4a/4b hair. Learning more about it everyday.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with Anonymous at 1:15 PM above. I didn't get my first relaxer until I was 13, because that's the earliest my mother would allow it. And, I'm completely grateful that she did because I don't believe chemicals should be used on any child under that age. I think it is damaging to the scalp of a developing human. Anyway, even when I had a relaxer (which I only had 2x a year. My mom did them at home until I was in college and did them myself), my hair was never straight, always poofy and ended up in a ponytail or french braid. I decided to go natural when I was about 28, because I was getting a relaxer and then using Frizz Eaze Hair Serum and scrunch spray to wear my hair curly because I worked out very often and always sweated out straight hair. My head always perspired. So, realized this was ridiculous. However, what finally did it is that I went to one of those Dominican spots and they insisted on relaxing my hair and every last bit of it because I hadn't had a relaxer in over 6 months. Anyway, that really damaged my hair and I just stopped after that. I have loose, fine waves/curls, but 3 different patterns all over my head. So, I always wish my hair was curlier and coarser. Anyway, think I would have still went natural. I've always experimented with my hair, when it was relaxed and natural. So, think I would have just figured out how to manage a different hair type.

  • Anonymous says:

    I honestly don't know. I am happy with my hair type now, but when I was researching natural hair while transitioning I was sure to look up inspiration pics of many different hair types, from 3b – 4b, so I wouldn't be surprised/disappointed if my hair didn't come out like I thought and I could still see all hair is awesome looking. My main reason for going natural was to stop using chemicals and to have big hair, so I don't think I would have gotten a relaxer again, but I might have straightened it depending on the effort I had to put forth to maintain it.

  • Anonymous says:


    1.the relaxers weren't putting my hair to shame and then

    2. having to experience a bout of alopecia on top of it all,

    I would probably be relaxed today, still searching for someone who wouldn't screw my hair over and take my money.

    I have 4b hair, and I can't recall with certainty any time when I felt I got my money's worth from a relaxer at a salon.

    I've paid up to $120.00 for relaxers, and it never grew past chin length or looked as good as the girl before me.

    It would be going fine for a while, then the stylist would put their assistant on my hair, and it would go downhill from there.

    I certainly went through a "culture shock" after my first BC, but now a year later I'm so glad I cut that CRAP out of my hair, I could just shout!

    Dear Newbies, please be patient with your hair – it will reward you…

  • Anonymous says:

    my hair is type 4
    i think if i had a looser curl texture- type 3- that i would have always worn my hair natual.
    in my family – my mother's side- most of them have type 3 type 2 hair so i was always different- and spent most of my life wishin g i had hair like them
    however i've accepted that my hair will always be type 4 so i 'm working on embracing it
    it's all about loving what God gave you!

  • Takeya says:

    I like this question because it causes me to really think. My decision to go natural wasn't well thought out or even conscious. For the last several years, I alternated between relaxed hair in colder months and "natural" hair in warmer months because I didn't want to do wash n' go's in cold weather.

    About 3 years ago, I got my last relaxer before summer officially started and haven't had one since, initially out of laziness. Would I have done that with a different texture? I don't know. My hair is either 3b or 3c (more wavy than curly) and I've always been told that I have "good" hair or even "white girl" hair. Crazy but true!

    My daughter (who's 10 and headed for middle school…:-( she's growing up too fast) has more curly hair than mine, maybe 4a. It poses a challenge because the products that work for my hair, don't work for hers and vice versa. We're both learning together but I'm encouraging her to love her hair.

    Knowing what I know now, the answer is yes! But going into blind like I did would (and should) have been a NO NO!

  • kimmie0810 says:

    I'd like to think that I would, but I can't say for sure. I only know how to do hair that's like mine. When I babysit, I'm at a loss if the child's hair is too thick or too kinky.

    But if my hair was different, then I'd know how to do that type of hair so maybe it wouldn't be such a challenge to me. I really cant say. This is the only type of hair I've ever known so I really can't imagine having something different.

    Other people like to TELL me that I only went natural b/c of my texture. But I'm not one to let people tell me anything about myself.

  • Anonymous says:

    I never relaxed my hair, but I always wore it straight- by tonging it
    I decided to wear it in it's natural state because
    1. I was wayy to dependent on my hairdresser
    2. Keeping it straight was way to much effort
    3. I decided it was time for me to take my hair care into my own hands and sort of rebel against society for deeming my hair texture unmanageable.
    my hair is in the type 4 region

  • Unknown says:

    I'm not sure what type hair pattern I have. When wet it does a loose coil but is very manageble. I'll admit that I don't have the hair I desire, a more wavy natural pattern, BUT I love my hair either way. I've big chopped 4 times and did a long term transition 1. The lack of education when I big chopped before is what lead back to the crack not a misinterpretation of my hair pattern. Additionally, I never went natural based on what other women's natural hair styles looked like because that can be a HUGE disappointment. I've learned that it's not what kind of hair you have it's your willingness to produce the hair you want. For example, I loathe Nikki's twist out's but my hair (in my opinion) has more texture than her's and is way thinner SO, I let my hair completely air dry for faux thickness, fuller look and apply generous shea butter to each twist. The next morning I have a big TnC similar but not exact to CN's!

  • b. says:

    I wanted to have natural hair in my teens but didn't have the courage to defy my mother and community. I wavered after leaving home, but jumped on board when I saw another lifetime natural with LONG loose hair. Until that time, I thought women with hair like mine either had locs or short 'dos. Once I realized I could have my hair long or short (I like both options), I decided to stop relaxing my hair. It never looked good on me anyway, and I hated the process and the smell and the feeling of "fake" hair on my head. (My relaxed hair always felt fake to me. Your results may vary.)

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm not sure if I would have or not because I was basically forced to start going natural due to sudden damage/breakage from a color. I had been contemplating going natural for a while but was hesitant because I knew (or I should say, thought) my hair texture would be too hard to deal with. That fear kept me relaxing every 6 weeks. But I've been transitioning since April and I'm loving my 4a/4b kinks and curls that are emerging! And I have been so encouraged by the websites and videos on natural hair styles. I will never go back to chemicals so I will have to deal wih what I have. But I don't know if I would have made that choice had it not been for my sudden hair breakage.

  • nichelle says:

    Because the opposite end of the spectrum for me would probably be looser curls, I would!!! It took me 25 yrs to even consider going natural bc I knew I didn't have wash-n-wear kinda hair. If I did, I would've been natural as a teen. I'm just glad that I now appreciate my 4a/b hair, and now look forward to styling it and wearing it in all of its kinky-coily glory! 🙂

  • MelMelBee says:

    When I went natural, I had no clue what my natural hair would look like. I had been relaxing it for so long that I didn't know what to expect. Prior to completely giving up the "creamy crack" I'd stopped getting it in the top of my hair because it was so fine, and my stylist could just press it to make it lay straight. Believe me it wasn't due to some "good hair" but because it was so damaged. My hair is really curly…kinda like baby hair. I guess it's like 3b. When I first saw it in it's curly state, I didn't like it because i thought I looked like I was 6 months old…LOL. I've gotten used to it now, and I know I can make it look any texture I want with twist outs , etc. I wouldn't trade my hair in for the world, even it was a different texture…God gave it to me and I'm happy 🙂

  • Denise says:

    I honestly never once, in my adulthood, considered going natural due to my hair texture (4/b/c). I simply believed that only options for someone of a kinkier hair type were locs or ceasars, neither of which were a fit for me. But when I became pregnant with my first child, God impressed me to stop relaxing my hair and I figured "hey if Im going to go 9 months without a relaxer, I might as well just keep on going!" It was then I open my mind (and my eyes) to the beautiful versatility of my hair texture. Sometimes the old, uneducated mentality flares up, but I quickly beat it back into subjection. It will take time to unlearn 30+ years of negative reinforcement regarding the natural me.

  • Anonymous says:

    In all honesty I was a person who wore weaves and extensions for almost 20 years. Reason: my hair was thin and wouldn't hold a curl at all. I would perm my hair once a year. I went natural simply because it was too expensive to get my hair done. Guess what happened when I decided to go natural? The curls that I always wanted for 20 years came in who figure. I have 3b/3c hair. Even though I hear a lot of my friends say they wish they had my texture it isn't all of that. TRUST me If I could have thick curlier hair for a day it really would be nice.

    Even though it took me 20 years to get here, I thank God everyday for the natural hair he gave me. We are all unique.
    Embrace your uniqueness.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a mix of hair 3c, 4a and some either 4b on the sides. People have always told me I have "good hair" because most of it is probably 3c. The truth is, I have always envied people with coarser hair. 3c hair is not fun. It doesn't hold a curl, or rollerset, it won't stay straight even with a relaxer. I always hated it. In my opinion "Good hair" is hair that you do something with.

    I have a natural girlfriend whose hair I secretly covet. She's a 4b all over and she rocks a mean twist out. I love her hair. Me, I'm using every product in the book and still looking whack. So, would I have gone natural if I had a different hair type. Yep!

  • Peachtree says:

    i would have absolutely still gone natural!! in fact I stayed relaxed for 18 yrs because i didn't want to deal with my natural hair…i was absolutely disgusted when my new growth emerged! after practicing great healthy hair care and seeing natural heads online from the tightest z patterns to loose waves, i decided to transition my mind and go natural without caring what my type/pattern/yadda yadda would be. i simply wanted to embrace whatever God had in store for me. That was 7 years ago and i haven't & will never look back 2 relaxers!!

  • predestined010 says:

    I knew what time it was because when I would spend a year without a perm I knew I had 4b/c hair when I BC'd and it was short that was the hassle I struggled with my first 2 months of being natural but not because of texture because of length I like my hair and see it is versitile Im only 4 months into my journey and now I have an idea of what my hair likes and dislikes now all I need now is more length so I can play in it some more 🙂 I dont envy what other people got because like nikki said the grass look greener on the other side people have told me for as long as I remember they wish they hair was thick although I would give them the side eye – – Iam so thankful because when I do coil my hair or even twist it out or puff it looks nice and full and healthy kinky and all!

  • Anonymous says:

    I never gave texture a thought. Honestly, I couldn't remember the texture after relaxing for 27 years. I went natural because I knew if I gave myself on more relaxer, I would be walking around like those women where their hairline starts a foot from their forehead. Ohhhh no….that was not going to be me. So here I am 7 years later, still natural and loving it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I know I ran into a woman with probably 4b hair. She was complaining that she did not see people with her hairtype going natural. I know that is not true. But I think people don't realize that you have to leave it along and let it grow instead of trying to control it. Once it get some lenght you will love it. you just have to leave it along. I have about 3b 3c. My hair is also really fine. I look at people with courser hair than mine and their twist and other styles look good. I love my hair but i wish my twist would be as full as someone with courser hair. I see some of the funky styles they wear and i love it. I think people just don't have the patience for it to grow and allow the hair to come on its own. I have had people say oh well that is just your hair, and i tell them just stop trying to do everything you yours and it would be pretty just the same.

  • Anonymous says:

    yeah i would…during my transition i didnt really know my hair type b/c the relaxed ends were still there, and when i BC'd i was totally amped for some 4a/4b curls but what i got was really 3c/4a curls but i'd love them either way b/c they're mine 🙂

  • Liz says:

    Since I can't see how a person can have hair more tightly coiled than mine, yes haha! There are days when I envy those with a looser curl because of how much easier they have it as far as hair maintenance is concerned, but I still love my hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Before I went natural I wondered whether I would be able to manage my hair in its natural state. I have 4b/4c – very thick, very porous, very frizzy. I loved my hair even with a relaxer but as I got older the lye was loving me less and less. Now that I know which products work for my hair I've rediscovered the real texture and I LOVE IT!! BTW the "good hair/bad hair" mentality really saddens me. When you hate your hair it's like telling God he made a mistake. Everybody's a different kinda fine!

  • Ardourliene says:

    Went Natural to get rid of chemically relaxed hair which did nothing but burned my scalp. I knew what my hair type was.. wasnt too happy about it (negative remarks for years) it is more work in my opinion (100% like a boy shrinkage… lots of water n conditioner to detangle") you get the idea… would i want to trade my texture nope.. i just want to master softness, moisture n length retention.

  • Anonymous says:

    My hair is a 4a 4b combo. I went natural because I wanted to be free! I wanted to be able to work out and do hot yoga. I wanted to be free of spending Saturday or Sunday in a hair salon. I was getting depressed about my balding edges which I knew was due to relaxers and excessive hair drying. After discovering I fell in love with the hair of so many naturals. Many who had the same hair hair texture I have. I learned that my hair could be managed. I've had my hair relaxed since I was 18. I am 35 years old now. I knew what my hair texture was like. Kinky. I have no illusions of curls and Tracy Ross hair. I have been transitioning for five months and I welcome my kinks/naps and look forward to a full head of them. By the way Juices and Berries thanks for starting this post. Very good observation!

  • Anonymous says:

    i get comments from my friends all the time saying they cant go natural bc they dont have hair like me and im getting sick of it bc it sounds rediculous. i have a 3c/4a texture and for some reason they think if my hair was on the kinkier side 4b that i wouldnt have chosen to go natural but this is not the case. i told them if you are still thinking on those terms and still have that mentality then you should keep applying the creamy crack and go natural when u educate yourself a little more.

  • Anonymous says:

    YES! This journey to natural haircare isn't about your hair type. Its about finding the right combination of products for your hair to be healthy. A healthy head of hair is beautiful regardless of the type.
    I've been transitioning for 10 months and I plan to transition for another 6-12 months. Nevertheless, I'm waiting patiently to see my natural hair and I'm so glad that I made this decision. Q

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, I have a mix of 3b-c,4a and even some 4b. I'd not go natural if all my hair was 4b because it gives me so much work. Fortunately, I can always hide those parts under the 4a, 3c. and you know what? Those curls in fashion world are never like our curls. Even curly hair product ad's only show wavy and 3b's, all the rest are not even considered beautiful, at least here in Brazil.

  • Anonymous says:

    To be honest with you, before being introduced to beautiful heads of 4a/4b hair on fotki and youtube I would have thought more than twice about transitioning to natural. I was one of those people who thought you had to fall somewhere in the 3's to look good with natural hair. At this point, I'm 3 1/2 months in, I still have no clue what my natural texture will look like and probably won't know until the relaxer is all gone, but regardless of what it looks like I'm ready to embrace it because it's mine.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would honestly say yes to the question. My hair type didn't matter so much to me either, I just wanted to break free of the chemicals and having my head smelling like a science project. I was so darn giddy (overly giddy actually) to see what my natural hair would look like and not have to worry about chemical burns. I don't ever remember NOT having some sort of chemical process done to my hair. At first I was a little weirded out by the shrinkage but as it grew, I got to know my hair's personality. Now that I've got some good length going, my hair is a mix of 3C, 4A and 4B. Do I wish I had a different hair type? Absolutely not! My hair (and scalp) is happy, healthy, and growing. And we (my hair and I) are just peachy with that. 🙂

  • JazBNatural says:

    it was never my choice to NOT go natural (i only got a relaxer as a child 7 years ago, i'm 19 now) and YES I would stay natural whether my hair were 3a or 4c because I love curly/coily hair. Its so exciting! I am around 4a with very dense hair. If I had the choice my hair wouldn't be as thick/dense because it takes 3 hours to comb, but I love my cottony hair texture just the way it is and would NEVER consider getting a relaxer in my adult life.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well i decided to go natural because my hair never went back to the original long lenth to when i first had a relaxer. My hair was damage i had to cut it in a very short cut so i figured y not transition to natural because every1 use to tell me about what long beautiful natural hair i had. So part of the reason was that i felt i cud pull off being natural because i had "good hair". But my natural hair is about 3.5 inches (4a/4b i think) n kinda more difficult to manage than i expected because i'm newly natural. So, i guess it doesn't matter the texture in terms of managing your hair you just have to learn how to manipulate it, which im still learning about my hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm anon 12:24…i think my type is 3c/4a. and VERY THICK. i wish i could post a pic with this comment LOL

  • CurlyIvy08 says:

    I have kinky hair that is generally less favorable by general masses. I had wanted to go natural years ago when my aunt did but I hesitated because I knew my hair was kinky. Going natural was a decision I made in accepting what I've been blessed with and wanting healthier hair. I've approached it with the mindset that I have to learn how to maintain my hair regardless of hair type. Now fortunately I've been able to get my hair professionally done ever 2 weeks. Now if I was left to do it myself then I would be more frustrated I'm sure. My next quest is to learn how to do my hair myself.

  • Anonymous says:

    Honestly if its no hang then i don't think i would.It's not so much the texture but because i don't like to wear the afro and puffs. I actually love it on people but those styles don't really fit my personality. Even when i was relaxed I never got "bold" with my hairstyles because i'm not the type of person who likes to stand out. (Warning:digression)I'm very shy but since being natural i do tend to stand out a little more than before so in a way it's helped with the coyness.

  • vonnie says:

    I still would have done it. The relaxers were never fun for my scalp. Are there heads of hair that I envy? sure, just like there is blemish free skin I covet or amazing abs I'd like, but I still like pampering my hair that i DO have and working with it 🙂

  • Latoya says:

    Honestly, my hair type is what stopped me for going natural for so many years. People would always ask what I would do with my hair. It wasn't until I saw people with my hair type (4a,4b) on youtube and, that I realized that going natural was not only option, but a hair type that I think looks fab. I love hair of all types, but I've learned to pay special attention to and admire people with my hair type. The hair I always wanted is the hair I've always had. Excuse me as we get reaquainted. (Can't wait till my BC!)

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, I have the hair type that some would probably consider the worst. You know, 4bz. Very tight z pattern and in some areas no pattern at all. I knew my hair was going to be like this before I went natural but I LOVE my hair. Other hair types do seem easier to manage though and I do wish my hair was easier to manage but I still love it and the way it looks.

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