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Braid Headband & Elegant Bun

By January 27th, 202110 Comments

Braid Headband & Elegant Bun

Natural Hair Flower Girl: Braid Headband & Elegant Bun
By Iman E of Curly Jannah

I always thought doing a sock bun on Jannah’s hair would be very difficult, but nope, it was very easy and fast. This hairstyle took only 20 minutes. Jannah loved it and felt like a princess. If you googled ‘natural flower girl’ hairstyles, you really won’t get much for natural hair. So I thought I would add some, I hope you enjoy, and more will come very soon.

How to achieve this look:

  • Start with clean, detangled and moisturized hair. I didn’t use avocado oil on this style because I knew I wanted to add some bows or possible flowers that were white later, and didn’t want them to turn greenish because of the avocado oil.
  • Let’s fix our sock first. Take an old sock and cut off the end. You should be able to put your whole hand through it now. Make sure you are using a clean sock. Haha! Roll the sock until it looks like a doughnut (whole in the middle). Put to the side.
  • You want to start making the braided headband. Part the hair from the side till the farthest ear. If you are parting on the left, keep parting until the right ear, or vice versa, which ever side you choose to part bigger than the other.
  • Add your styling product of choice and start cornrowing the headband. If your daughter’s hairtype is in the 2’s or 3’s, I suggest to french braid the headband instead of cornrowing it.
  • Now work on the other side. Part the hair until about 1 inch below the ear, add styling product and cornrow. These two braids from each side will meet at the nape after you are finished making the sock bun.
  • Now gather all the left over hair on the top of the head and use an ouchless ponytail holder. Pick up your sock and bring the hair through the sock hole. Lay the hair all around the sock. Smooth the hair down and add another ponytail holder around the bun. Don’t wrap it around, just put it around the bun. The left over hair that will stick out, you can just tuck it under the bun.
  • Add more styling product to smooth down the surface of the bun and any frizzies that decide to show up. Add whatever accessories you like. You’re all done!

Braid Headband & Elegant Bun
Braid Headband & Elegant Bun
Braid Headband & Elegant Bun


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