Beachgirl56 writes:

Which gives better curl definition, Braid-Outs or Twist-Outs?

I started with twist-outs, but I’ve recently realized that I prefer braid-outs. I get much better definition. And if I stretch the roots a little with my blow dryer and use gel on my edges, I really like the results. I get a lot of compliments when I wear my hair this way. But I also am realizing I need to avoid the heat, so I am moving towards air drying my braids overnight and styling in the morning. Which set works best for you?

CN writes:
Honestly, *wet set* braid-outs and twist-outs yield astonishingly similar results on my hair. The difference is so minute, that I prefer to twist, due to my terrible braiding skills (I hate braiding wet hair, it takes me twice as long and has more of a tendency to frizz upon take down). If I’m styling dry hair, a braid-out is the only set that will hold. For me, the curl definition is all about the products used and the size of the twists or braids. I have observed, however, that some naturals get very different results from twisting (s curls) versus braiding (zig zags). Again, maybe this is a result of hair type?