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Christo Launches a Line for Natural Coils

By January 27th, 20219 Comments

Christo Launches a Line for Natural Coils
NaturallyCurly writes:

Christo of Christo Fifth Avenue in NYC has clients with hair throughout the curly spectrum. And over the years, when it comes to those with tight coils or kinky hair, he’s heard the same complaints about products geared toward them—too greasy! Those products were full of waxes and grease and would weigh down the hair.

“Have you ever watched ‘Coming to America’? Remember that fake hair product? Soul Glo—they were complaining of the same type of thing,” he says. “That’s the typical product that was in the market, and I thought there must be something better!”


  • Courtney says:

    I got a hair cut at Christo Fifth Avenue and they used the line on my hair, and I bought the curl defining lotion. It works well and smells great, but I was too cheap to buy the rest of the line. Some people on this site use natural ingredients, but plenty use conditioners with cones and commercial gels, etc.

  • collegegirl says:

    Anyone concerned at the ingredients list? It looks like a lot of synthetic products. I assumed that curly nikki would only support natural hair brands with NATURAL ingredients. I'm new. Has nikki already stated that she supports any curly products including synthetic as long as the ingredients aren't harmful?

    As many of you have said: WAY overpriced. Even the packaging is dowdy and unworthy of such a markup.

  • Anonymous says:

    Way over priced. No way.

  • Anonymous says:

    4a-b-c C-NAPP ladies beware 🙁

    I saw this post and was like "Oh Joy"! I could feel my PJ rising and rushed off to see the Curlisto site!

    They have nice videos and styling kits. The gorgeous hair model demonstrating the product for 4a-b hair DOES NOT have what most consider traditional 4b SHRINKY-KINKY hair.

    So disappointed. Again.

    4b-c ladies, proceed at your own risk.

  • Madeaj says:

    Loved the comment about unicorn tears.

    This sounded good until I got to the prices and this statement "For example, extracts of chamomile contain proteins that help to mend damage to the hair, which is primarily made of the protein keratin".

    Once hair is damaged, nothing can really repair it. Products can make it appear to be "repaired" but we know if your ends are split or the shaft is fried, the only thing to do is wait for it to grow longer and cut off the damaged parts.

    Chamomile extract is not a protein as far as I know. I have done research on plant-based proteins and Chamomile did not show up on any list I've found.

    I really want to see more products for coilies and curlies that are not just grease prettied up, but I am tired of people trying to jump on the curly wagon with overpriced products.

  • Yvonne says:

    Yeah, this is way too expensive. It's just crazy. Chemistry and biology rules apply to all products. What magic mixture makes this worth this much money?? All these products that are coming out, targeting naturals and curlies, totally overpriced, is so annoying.

  • Angie says:

    LOL, at the PP, unicorn tears… Obviously extremely expensive and the sales pitch is a little underinformed…

  • Anonymous says:

    That's nice and all, but WAY too rich for my blood, and my budget. 2oz for $20 is just out of control. What are they putting in these products to justify these prices? Silver? Gold? Unicorn tears?

  • vonnie says:

    I really want to try the curl defining lotion, see how that works!

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