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Curly Nikki

Day 6 Hair…OMG! And Other Banter…

By January 27th, 202118 Comments

Day 6 Hair...OMG! And Other Banter...Hola Chicas,

It’s a beautiful Saturday in sunny North Carolina! I’m with friends and fam and enjoying a glass of Shiraz. Can you say… content 🙂 The sun and wine have me geeking, but I’m even happier because I’m experiencing a rare phenomenon- – 6 day hair. Wowsers!

Day 6 Hair...OMG! And Other Banter...Day 6 Hair...OMG! And Other Banter...Day 6 Hair...OMG! And Other Banter...Day 6 Hair...OMG! And Other Banter... What product combo resulted in this glorious event? On wash day last Saturday, I used Aussie Moist as a leave-in and Garnier Fructis Cream Gel as my styler. Evenings before bed I pull my hair into a high loose pony using a satin scrunchy and in the mornings, I apply a thin layer of glosser (Phillip B. for shine and frizz control, similar to Paul Mitchell… I just had it laying around) and pull the hair into a low loose pony to stretch it out and get it going in a ‘downward’ position. This routine has resulted in 6 day hair. Me likey. Soft, defined, not sticky.

Baby Gia has a ton of company this weekend. Toney, aka Aunty is in town to meet her new God Daughter. Syl, my younger sister is in town to meet Gia for the first time, and Queen is here, as always. I hope you divas are enjoying your weekend too!

Godmamma/Aunty 🙂
See her henna red?!
Day 6 Hair...OMG! And Other Banter...

Syl, Aunty and Queen!
Errbody’s natural…of course. Even Syl, notorious for straight styles is experimenting with and rocking naturally curly styles!

Day 6 Hair...OMG! And Other Banter...


  • Anonymous says:

    Wow! Baby Gia has come into her own—she's so big and alert and CUTE! I'm a new natural…loving it WON'T BE going back! And the last time I was on your wonderful website…you had just given birth! Take care and I'm camera shy and I appreciate all the commentary, tips, pictures–and Nikki, your hair is beautiful and it looks as if mine might be of the same texture, it's straight at the roots and curly toward the ends! Shirl somewhere in No Suburbs, IL

  • Anonymous says:

    you and the family look great and little Gia is so cute!

  • Kiesha says:

    I went out and bought this cream gel to try on my TWA and loved it. Doesn't make my hair hard and crunchy as long as I layer on an oil after my leave in.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Nikki,
    Can you ask Queen to give up her secrets on her hair, it's adorable. I think I see large twists(let out) but did she do flat twists or individual ones? What's her regimen? What product did she use on it and how long did she leave the twists in (1 day or all week?)before she untwisted them? Very cute style. Me likey!! (smile)
    Allnatural1 (Michelle in Texas)

  • Carla says:

    I'm impressed! Its hard for me to get passed day four (though I workout and sweat like a pig at the gym 4-6 days a week). I will try for day five and see how I do…

  • Joy says:

    your product combo* I meant 🙂

  • Joy says:

    I bought Aussie Moist and the Garnier cream gel 😀 I threw in 16 braids last night using your product comb and this morning, behold the braids are incredibly shiny and beautiful…I've yet to take them out! YAY I think this is gonna be good!

  • Doc says:

    look at all those generations of natural

  • Anonymous says:

    I know I should be commenting on hair but I'm laughing at baby G. Babies are too funny, let me find out she keeps her parents up at night and she tries to sleep in the day like she works a job somewhere. She's gonna stop playing. Too cute!


  • Anonymous says:


    I was in the sun today, celebrating my cousin's first birthday. The cabernet Sauviogn and the sun have me feeling terrible this evening, I love my wine and I'm going back to sleep. Next weekend's combination: wine and no sun…. Rocked my first two strand twist out today and the family was in awe and some of the family just stared and they are probably in shock that I don't do the creamy crack and its been almost 3 years now… I love my hair and was even asked for tips from naturals that have been natural for over 10 years…. Crimson_Butterfly

  • Natural-ness (LV) says:

    Very nice 6-day hair! Baby Gia is too precious. Glad you had such a great time!

  • Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres says:

    Very impressed. Just tried doing Bantu knots for myself and daughter. I washed and twisted and wore my knots about the town all day today. And then my daughter asked me to do her the same way. She's under the dryer and I'm hoping we can get her to do one day knotted up before opening them up for school on Monday. This part is fun. Everyone keeps telling me that in a few months the honeymoon of the transition period will be over!

  • Anonymous says:

    Day 6 hair?? then why are you trying to experiment with KCCC? if it ain't broke…

  • Anonymous says:

    Day 6 hair looks like freshly done. Good for you. Nice family times… how your Auntie is Gia's God mother. I would say watch the wine, but I remembered that you have a lot of milk stored!


  • the diva says:

    Day 6 hair is quite impressive. I have to admit, I opt for ponytail rollersets in the fall/winter. A little wrap lotion, 4 ponytails, with four equally big rollers. Airdry overnight, and sometimes a short stint under the dryer, a lil heat from the Chi to straighten the roots, and BAM 14 day hair! It's not for everybody, but I've found that between the hubby, kids, house, and school, I need a style that last a bit longer. I never had a issue with heat before I went natural, and did it just because I hated the chemicals.

  • Joy says:

    Day 6 hair!! I just have two q's.
    1. Did you do a twist n curl or is that your natural curl pattern?

    2. The gel you are talking about is the curl sculpting cream gel right?

    Thanks! My inner product-junkie-ism is going crazy…looks like I'm gonna try that product combo after I buy the two…

  • BargainClipper says:

    That's great! Aw, look at Baby Gia and the family. She is growing so fast! I enjoy it when babies are sleeping on your chest. They seem to make me sleepy too :-). Y'all just have a lot of love all around you; sweet!

  • Qq says:

    Awesome indeed!!

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