A Hair Style for the Working Mom
by BarbaraNaturallySpeaking

Hello fellow curly heads and those that desire to one day sport a curly mane. Today I want to talk about the easiest style to obtain for working moms on the go. I’m a mother of 8 year old twins and a 4 year old. Some days I truly don’t have a second to deal with my hair and I need hair styling to be as quick as possible. Hence my afro puff. This is how my day generally goes:

My hubbie and I take turns taking the children to school, however I’m still responsible for getting my daughter and her hair together. If it’s my morning I hit snooze 2 times, get up at dawn, wake up the twins. Wake them up quietly so that my daughter can sleep later, because she gets upset if she gets up to early. This adds another dynamic to the day. Iron clothes if I didn’t iron them the night before. Play referee between the twins who are arguing about the other one looking at them to long or the other one hitting them. Wake daughter up. Instruct children to go eat breakfast, something quick like fruit or cereal. Jump in the shower. Hear loud screams that someone grabbed the milk before the other one grabbed it. Raise my voice so that it could be heard downstairs. Send one twin to their room to wait on the other one to finish fixing cereal.

Water or conditioner rinse hair ( A quick sweep of head under the water without thoroughly wetting). Apply coconut oil to edges and shea butter to edges, brush with denman brush, wrap a scrunchie for thick hair to hold my hair in place. Tie a satin scarf around edges to lay down any fly away hairs for at least 5-10 minutes before walking out of the door. Let hair air dry. Instruct children to finish breakfast. Referee another disagreement because twins are in my 4 year olds room, and she clearly has a sign on the door saying “boys keep out”. She told her dad to write exactly what she meant to keep her brothers out of her room a month ago and then placed tape on the paper and hung it on her door. Likewise the twins drew a picture of a skeleton with crossbones that say “sister keep out”. I attempt to calm down that disagreement. I hurry and get dressed hoping that all kids get along perfectly fine. I remind the boys to brush their hair, apply moisturizer (shea butter) to their faces, brush their teeth and grab their book bags. Every day one of the above is forgotten and it’s to late to remediate it because we’re already pushing it to get them to school and me to work close to the actual time. Once out to the car, someone tells me that they left their book bag inside of the house. I open the door again and wait for one of them to return. Start up the car, intervene and give advice in 3 other disagreements about someone laughing, touching, or looking at the other one. Drop the twins off, drop off my daughter and then head to work. I realized that I’ve ran a marathon before the day started. Then I remember breathe, exhale, pray, try to look calm because my day is just beginning. At the end of the day it’s homework, dinner, break up disagreements, night time routine. At that point all I want to do is spend some time with my hubbie, and afterwards enjoy some me time- (quiet time-that’s where my blog comes in). The life of a mother is full of love, counseling, refereeing, and prayer. At least that’s my life. When running this kind of marathon- I think it’s going to be a puff-tastic day. It’s that simple.

Check out my new website/ blog at http://www.barbaranaturallyspeaking.com for updates on hairstyles, healthy meal ideas, and info. about my exercise routine. I also have photos of how to create hairstyles for adults and children with photos of me and my daughter with step by step instructions for maintenance. Again look forwarding to meeting you there.

**Are you a busy mom? student? businesswoman? How does your hair schedule fit into your day?**