How Does Your Curly Hair Hold Up on Windy Days?

Hey Curlies,

I’ve been thinking about how I proudly state that my naturally curly hair holds up in the rain. I love how I don’t have to run from the rain. I have noticed that there’s another element that may effect my curly hair. It’s the wind!!! I live in the “Windy City” and as it gets cooler outside we have wind combined with rain or just plain old windy days. I sported a braid out from last week Sunday until midday Friday . Six days was pretty good but I noticed that my hair was no match for a few days of wind. I’m sure that my hair would have held up in extreme wind if I would have braided my hair out every night, however I challenged myself to see how long I could go without rebraiding or plaiting my hair at night. I did rebraid/ plait after the first day, so in other words I co-washed and did a braid out on Saturday night, rebraided on Sunday night and then at night just placed my hair in a pineapple shape atop my head through Thursday night. It was windy earlier in the week, however I just tried to hold on to see how long I could keep my braidout carefree routine going. Well Friday morning came and my braidout was “big”, and less defined when I began the week with a fresh braidout. In fact it was starting to look frizzy. After the rain and wind I had to place a ponytail holder around it to contain it during my lunchbreak. Yet, the wind blew portions of my hair into a dry puff that had strands sticking upward at that back of my puff.

I believe that I learned a very important lesson this week. If it’s super windy, my puffs and curls aren’t always super when the weather changes drastically. However a supercurly women can definitely come up with a hit style in the next storm. I believe that style will be a braided bun, or I will definitely rewet my hair so that my curls with behave. Now that’s a thought for the supercurly!

What would you do to your hair if it’s extremely windy?