MelMelBee writes:

Melanie writes:

Ok, so I just got the papers in the mail to renew my driver’s license which expires in October. I’ll also need to take a new picture. As soon as I put down the papers, I immedietely began to think about what hair style I should have for the license picture. This will be my first Driver’s License profiling me in all my natural splendor. I mean…this is a big deal! Your Driver’s License/Photo ID is what get’s you access into places, beyond security checkpoints, get’s you money from the bank, etc. On my last vacation the TSA officer at the airport stared at my license for about 30 minutes (OK, an exaggeration) to make sure I was the same person. I’m excited but perplexed all at the same time.

The picture is 2 dimentional, so I need a style that can be seen on the small 1in. x 1in. picture. What should I do? Has anyone else contemplated special hair styles for their license photo?
Here’s my last Driver’s License Picture (4 years ago)…I was so NOT feeling it that day, as my expression shows. This was like the 3rd retake!

CN Writes: Check out my license pic (sorry it’s blurry):

Need I say more…
Just about every time I’m asked to present my ID, I get a comment about my HUGE hair, LOL. It was my first natural hair license pic and I love it!