The Natural Hair Pusher

The Natural Hair Pusher
Kari W. writes:

Do you know someone whose hair is severely suffering from ‘the creamy crack’? I know I do, and about 5 years ago I could count myself as one of them. Breakage was a never-ending struggle for me, and it would zip from the front to the back of my head like CRAZY! And when it got tired of those two locations, it made a pit stop at my crown. So couple that with my naturally fine hair, and you could definitely say that I was no hair icon. Sad, limp ponytails were about as stylish as I got.

Now that I’m natural, I have the ability to try so many styles that never would have worked on my thin hair. I recently tried a simple updo (the Southern Tease Bun a la ‘Mane and Chic’), and I loved it on my hair! It was full and magnificent and I took about 50 pictures of it (by the way, I NEVER took pictures of my relaxed hair, as it was nothing to be immortalized through film). I immediately went to try it on my mom, who has relaxed hair that’s a few inches past her shoulders, and I was shocked at how thin her hair had become. I tried about 3 times, and it just didn’t look right. And then, adding insult to injury, a LOT of hair (both shed and broken) had come out just from finger combing and smoothing it. She said that it was shedding a lot because she needed a touch up.

Now, I’m definitely a natural-enthusiast. But I don’t try to convince people to go natural, because it’s a commitment, and sometimes even the suggestion of it gets me a raised eyebrow and the ‘you MUST be crazy’ side-eye. But sometimes I wish I could get people to consider it. They may be surprised at how much healthier and happier they (and their hair) could be!

So my question is:

Do you ever try to convince permies (especially those suffering major damage) to go natural?
And if so, what are their reactions?