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Curly Nikki

A Natural Hair Style for a Flower Girl

By January 27th, 202111 Comments


I have had several requests for natural flower girl hair styles. Because I don’t think I’m very good with fancier/special occasion hair styles I decided to Google for inspiration. I didn’t find one natural flower girl hair style so I will be having a series of Natural Flower Girl Hair Styles for our little girls. I hope you all enjoy!


I call this Two Strand Twisted Halo With Cornrows, since one of the twists go across her forehead, I thought it looked kind of like a halo.


  • Start with freshly washed hair. You want to make sure the hair is wet to acheive this look.
  • In the front middle section by the forehead, part half of a moon shape. This is where you will add your cornrows. Tie that section off to get it out of your way.
  • You will now begin twisting the hair. I parted some hair out around the nape area, added some Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer and Bee Mine Curly Butter to that entire section, finger combed, then began grabbing medium sections with my fingers. You can use your choice of moisturizer/styler. I did not part the hair. I just grabbed and started twisting. If your child has thick hair, it will cover up any “unfortunate” parts, if your child has thin hair, you may want to use a comb to part the hair. In each medium section I just crossed the right strand over the left, right over left, right over left. Once I got to the end of each twist I rolled the ends between my thumb and index (pointer) finger.
  • I grabbed medium sections with my fingers, added our products, and twsited until I was done with her entire head.
  • I then moved on to the section I previously parted for cornrowing. I started by parting on the left side of the moon shape, at a slight slant. I cornrowed that section. Once I was at the end of the cornrow, I had three sections, I added the sections together and made two sections so I can do a two strand twist.
  • After the first cornrow, I moved on to the right side and did the same exact thing. At this point I have one cornrow on the left at a slight slant, and one on the right at a slant.
  • I then parted four “triangle” sections in the middle and cornrowed those.
  • After cornrowing the half moon shape, I took one twist from the right side and pulled it across her forehead. I used one bobbypin to hold it down.
  • I added four of those cute rhinestone spin pins I bought from Walmart. They spun in her hair like butter! No snags or anything. That was it!

Total Styling Time: 30 minutes




  • Keisha says:

    is that "A"? she's grown alot since you 1st started the BBB blog… lovely hairstyle, very age appropriate

  • Nia Jolie says:


  • Erika says:

    Also everyone check out these gorgeous pictures of Natural Hairstyles of Black men,women,women at click on the Archives and July and August Months have over 1,000 pics

  • Erika says:

    Oh my goodness that little girls hair is gorgeous. You did a beautiful job of braiding her hair,if only I could flat twist or cornrow my hair. Now I can get the 2strand twists to look good and such but (Wow) I'm like drooling over that little girls hair.

    You have done good with her upkeep and the thickness is divine. Well anyway keep up the good work, and continue to show us the beautiful different hairstyles that you are able to keep coming to us.

  • Unknown says:

    Is it bad that I'm jealous of a child's hair!?!? lmao I love it tho soo cute!

  • SweetThang says:

    I saw this hairstyle at Beads Braids and Beyond. I think it is very beautiful. Nikki, I can't wait to see some of the hairstyles you will be doing on little Gia in the future.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love the fact that Nikki still manages to blog, even after having a baby a few days ago. I'd be too tired to even think about blogging lol.

  • Shay says:

    I would actually where my hair like that:)

  • Lovelyn says:

    That is the cutest hairdo on the most adorable little girl.

  • npmoore04 says:

    I love that hair style. so easy and doable.

  • beadgyrl says:

    This young lady is so beautiful. Lovely hair style! 🙂

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