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A Natural Hair Stylist Weighs In…

By January 27th, 20214 Comments

A Natural Hair Stylist Weighs In...

6 Questions to ask your potential natural hair stylist
by Tania of

Greetings Natural Wonders:

As a natural hair care artist, I hear too many horror stories about naturals going to a hair stylist who claims they do natural hair. And unfortunately, these stylist are not always able to back up their claim. So here you will find the top 6 questions to ask during the consultation, and what to look for when your searching for a professional to care for your natural wonder 🙂

1. What type of products do you use?!? – I can not stress it enough. Product is sooooo important. A stylist that specializes in natural hair care will maintain the integrity of your hair by using products that are healthy for the hair. Now that doesn’t mean that every product will be organic or even 100% natural. However, that does mean that they will have a nice mixture of natural products like shea butters, olive oil blends, vitamin E, etc. with professional salon brands such as Design Essentials, Ashea Haircare, Mizani, Kera Care etc.

I highly recommend staying away from stylist who use a lot of petroleum and/or mineral oil based products. They are not healthy for the hair, especially locs. They leave heavy build up on the hair.

2. What is your specialty? This is a very valid question. Just because someone who specializes in natural hair does not mean that they are an expert in all areas of natural hair. I have plenty of stylist friends who are excellent at maintenance of locs but are not that versatile in creative styling of long locs. Also when transitioning from relaxer back to natural, it’s very important to find a stylist who works with clients such as yourself. Transitioning can be a delicate time period, and because of the 2 different textures, some natural hair stylist are not familiar with caring and styling the hair while it’s in that state.

3. What styling options do I have? – You can test your potential stylist on their knowledge of natural hair by asking them about your styling options. This will hopefully give you an opportunity to consider some styling options that you haven’t thought of yet and allow open communication with your stylist. Also this is the perfect time to discuss with your stylist about any concerns you may have and also get an idea of how the style will look on you.

4. Do you have any pictures? – This is great because it gives both the stylist and the client a visual. A lot of times things aren’t always interpreted correctly. And it does not have to necessarily be an actually portfolio of the stylist’ work (that would be best) but at least a few magazines that will allow you and the stylist to clearly see what is expected.

5. How much will this cost? – This is pretty much self explanatory but be sure to be very clear of how much your visit will cost and all that’s included in the cost. Ask will the price include a trim or does it include a deep conditioning, etc. In some places those things are extra. No one likes the surprise bill at the end!

6. How do I care for this at home? – Your stylist should automatically discuss this with you but if they don’t, make sure to ask. This is one of the most important topics I discuss with my clients because I want us to be on the same page. I want them to be conscious of the products they use at home and how they are using them. You as the client want to make sure that you are able to keep that fresh out of the salon look until your next appointment. So ask this question with intentions of getting a few products to keep the look up and some options on styling at home.

Do not be timid when it comes to ‘interviewing’ a potential stylist. You are spending good money for a service and it’s our business, as hair stylist, to ensure your satisfaction!

Peace, Love & Enjoy Your Natural Wonder!


  • Anonymous says:

    Great tips. Thanks so much. ~KF519

  • steph302 says:

    Great advice! I'd really like to have my hair done by a professional sometimes, but I've been afraid they'll mess me up. These questions give me a little more confidence.

  • sandy says:

    great tips and I think I'd add another question: If you were to cut my ends how much would you take off? I really think folks need to know when the term "cut" or "trim" is used what does that mean to the haidresser. I'd like to know their philosophy about hair and the first treatments and styles.

  • hair curling irons says:

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing. One of my friends shared this post with me, and I am glad to have found this informative post. I will keep visiting this site often. Keep posting!

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