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Curly Nikki

On the Couch with Charisse

By January 27th, 20217 Comments

On the Couch with Charisse
Charrise of Thoughts of a Sweetheart writes:

Hello lovlies!

I’ve been “Natch” for a year now! (Yay Me!) In this year’s time, I have learned so much about myself and what I means to truly be myself. When I stripped myself of the “creamy crack”, I stripped myself of the desire to be something or someone who I am not. I stripped myself of artificial confidence. I stripped myself of waiting 6 hours in the salon to get my hair did! lol

But seriously, going natural taught me to look at myself without the rose colored lenses of a relaxer. I see me for once and not my straight, perm box tresses. So many times, we as women define our beauty by the grade or look of our hair. In all and total actuality, we are so much more than that! (All that and a bag of CHIPS with DIP on the side!)

At first, I didn’t think I could handle this “Natural Thing”. I didn’t feel pretty. And as bad as this sounds, I felt like I was doing something wrong because I wasn’t get any compliments on my hair! Hmph! lol But I realized that I didn’t go natural for anyone else but myself. And myself is who likes my hair how it is. I compliment MYSELF every day and I’m not concerned w/ the day by day people that I interact with. Did I mention that I work in a corporate environment?! (Different story, another time C-;)

I say all of this to recount to you all that because of going natural I have a greater self love and an better appreciation for other beautiful women. My confidence is genuine and I always walk with my head high because I am proud of who I am.

And you can take THAT to the to the PERM BANK!


  • Anonymous says:

    Great post. I know that's right! 🙂 ~KF519

  • MisStaci says:

    …And you can RUN AND TELL THAT!! Homegirl!! Lol. You are so right! Confidence in yourself is what you need, and all the rest will follow. If you don't have confidence, fake it til you make it, baby!

  • Editor says:

    Lol @ "Take that to the perm bank!!!" You go girl! the first day I walked into my job with my newly BC'd hair, everyone was speechless. Some liked it, some didin't. At first, I felt awkward but as the day progressed and I became more confident in myself, everyone around me also became more confident in my hair!

    thanks for sharing your story!

  • Unknown says:

    I know exactly how you feel…Sometimes when i do my hair and I think it looks Fab..I get no compliments from my peeps at work or my fam and i kinda feel you I wonder if Im doing something wrong..but then I remember that my boyfriend has complimented me and i have complimented myself…and really thats ALL that matters…

  • Unknown says:

    Great post and thanks for sharing! Love the last line =)

  • keishabradford2006 says:

    Love it. I have some of the same feelings sometimes but I love my hair. It is so versatile and I can do more things with it now than with it relaxed. Being free from the salon is the best feeling. I used to dread getting up early on saturday to get my hair done.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great post! And lol @ perm bank, had to take a double look at that one lol.

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