Shake's Whipped Shea Recipe!
I thought I’d re-post this after the interest in the recent Hair Butter video. Shake has gorgeous hair and a delicious Shea Butter mix!
From 12/2008

Shake's Whipped Shea Recipe!Many of you have requested Shake’s Whipped Shea recipe. She posted this a minute ago under the comments in her Interview, but I thought I’d post it here, so no one misses it!

Shake writes:

My whipped shea is as follows:

8oz pure yellow unrefined shea butter
can of coconut milk
olive oil
coconut oil
vegetable glycerin

-Use a hand mixer
-Put all of the shea butter in a large plastic bowl
-Add a few large spoonfuls of coconut milk and whip until smooth.
-Add more and more, bit by bit, mixing after each addition until it’s light and fluffy.
-Add a spoonful or so of each oil and mix again.
-Add a healthy squeeze of glycerin, and voila!

I am going to substitute aloe vera gel (dietray grade) for coconut milk in my next batch. Hopefully, I will like this even more! I’ll inform Nikki if this mix is superior.

Happy mixing ladies!